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How do you choose an exterior house painting contractors in Portland Oregon?  It may help to know some ins and outs of the process.  Here we document some things to remember!  At SFW Painting we always begin our process by doing a thorough evaluation of the areas in need of attention.  This is an important step because it helps us determine what needs to be done and helps you understand the process from the beginning.  Ha

Exterior painting plant covers portland, OR.

Here we covered the lawn to keep the grass, plants, and barbecue from getting painted.  This is especially important if there is any breeze.

ve check for damaged wood?  Is there an area of moisture causing dry rot or other mold to form?  These are questions that need answered right from the start!

Masking and Taping is Critical

Masking and Taping are essential for great paint jobs.

Next we create a tidy work site by pressure washing and cleaning all areas intended for painting.  Proper cleaning ensures that the paints will have the best surface possible which allows the paint to set.  This helps the paint last longer and look better.

Now its time to cover the works site using proper taping, drop covers, and plastic coverings for doors and windows.  This is possibly the most tedious and time consuming part of the job.  If everything is properly taped and covered, the actual painting generally goes smoothly without over-spray or damage to plants.  Here are a few example work sites:

Exterior painting drop cloths portland, OR.

We have plenty of drop cloths.

With all the tricky tedious stuff out of the way, applying the paint usually goes quite quickly. For the painting process we use an airless sprayer for any large surface areas.  This incredible device makes short work of even the biggest jobs, applying smooth coats of paint to huge areas in a relatively short time.  In addition, the airless sprayer does not use an air compressor which is why it is called airless.  We spray most houses and buildings with an airless sprayer with a fine finish spray tip.  Leaving metals and other hard to paint surfaces looking beautiful.  We also back roll all flat surfaces. Painting trim, accents, and fascia sometimes takes the steady brush work of expert painters but rest assured, this another area where SFW Painting shines!

After the painting comes the fun part – the unveiling of the new masterpiece.  And of course you don’t want to look at a bunch of messy paint splatters and drop cloths!  At SFW Painting we take the time to properly clean our work sites from top to bottom so there is no mess left behind:

We guarantee our work because we know you’ll enjoy the new look for your home.  Need exterior painting Portland Oregon?  Look no further than SFW Painting!

Exterior painting Lake Oswego, OR.

When the painting process is finished your new home looks better than ever!