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Specialty Services & Hazardous Materials Remediation – Lead,  Asbestos, Seismic Retrofitting for Portland & Seattle.

SFW Construction has staff trained, certified and accredited to handle specialized services and dangerous materials.

SFW Construction is Licensed Bonded & Insured to handle these services in Oregon as our own corporate entity or through relationships with companies that we have been doing business with for years.


Our trained and safety certified staff can handle hazardous materials properly so you don’t have to worry about it.

SFW Construction offers hazardous and specialty services of the following types:

Lead paint detection and removal.

Seismic retrofitting.

Asbestos detection and remediation.

If you suspect you might have asbestos, lead paint or are in need of seismic retrofitting for your Oregon home or property please don’t hesitate to call. We have skilled staff that can test for these items, and please be aware just because the test is positive does not need to be a cause for alarm or an immediate health concern.

From removal to treatment we can work with you to ensure your peace of mind that we can create an action plan to safely treat your problem, remove any hazardous materials and dispose of them safely and in accordance with city, county and state laws, no matter where your property is located.

We have the equipment and the people with the proper skills to safely and economically correct these problems that for the safety of your family and neighbors should only be handled by professionals.

Lead paint removal by SFW Construction in Portland, Oregon.

Two house painters in hazmat suits removing lead paint from an old house.

Lead paint certifiedLead paint was commonly used in years past as it lasted a long long time, this is why it’s still around and found in homes everyday. The fact is not just because laws and building codes have changed but science and health care professionals know lead is extremely dangerous and can cause mental health and neurological harm. Our staff is equipped with the right equipment, knows how to prevent dust and paint shavings from spreading during mitigation and will only dispose of the materials properly. Rest assured if you choose SFW Construction to solve your lead paint problem it will be done properly and without fear of children, elderly, pets, neighbors or local wildlife being effected.

Seismic retrofitting. Building codes have changed and as more data points to the fact that the entire west coast has potential for natural disasters such as earth quakes, volcanoes, and seismic shifts across eons old fault lines some homeowners are preparing for the big one whether it comes in their lifetime or their grand kids by retrofitting the foundation of their property to be able to withstand whatever natural condition or disaster Mother Nature or chance, may choose to throw our way.

Asbestos under tiles.

A positive test for asbestos under tile.

Asbestos detection and remediation. Another common ingredient from the bygone industrial revolution era, Asbestos had many uses including wrapping pipes, and as part of floor, roofing and wall under-lay-ments or “old-school” weather barriers.

Yes, while it is a fact you might have lead paint or asbestos on your property doesn’t mean there is reason to panic. You also have electrical sockets around your home that are no threat unless you get curious and stick a finger into one, then and only then do you have a problem. The same is true with these hazardous and specialty items we have been safely treating for years, but the reality is that if it comes up on a home inspection you have to do something about it, and it’s as easy as contacting SFW construction!

Seismic Retrofitting is highly specialized, for more information about these services please visit our Portland seismic retrofitting page.

If you have questions or concerns about how we can help eliminate these problems from a by-gone era please use the below web form to provide us actionable information to work with your calendar and budget to eradicate these plagues once and for all.