Construction Defect Repair Experts in Portland, Oregon

Construction Defect Repair Performed by SFW

Construction Defect repair

SFW Construction’s dedicated team of professionals are construction defect repair experts with material and installation methods that exceed industry standards. Upon our initial site visit we will identify any construction defects and photo document the affected areas. Our certified installers are constantly updated on current defect issues and resolutions. We use only the best products suited to your specific project. Not only do we repair your construction defects, we also repair any damage to your home caused by these problems. It’s time to let the professionals at SFW Construction repair your home before your safety is compromised and escalating damages devalue your property.

SFW Construction is full service contracting company specializing and siding repair and construction defect repair.

What are construction defects?

Dry Rot Due to Construction Defect

Dry Rot Due to Construction Defect

Almost any condition that reduces the value of your home can be defined as a defect in design or workmanship. Common defects are water seepage through roofs, windows, and sliding glass doors; siding deficiencies; foundation leaks or cracks; faulty drainage; termite infestation; improper materials; structural failure or collapse. Structural failures can present both personal injury and substantial property damage.

 Why are construction defects becoming so frequent?

SFW Repairs Roofing Defects

SFW Repairs Roofing Defects

In today’s competitive market builders are under pressure to keep costs down so homes are affordable and profitable. Consumer’s demands for energy efficiency as well as environmentally sound products mean that homes are becoming more complicated to build. Many companies employ unskilled labor that lack proper training or don’t have the requisite construction experience needed. Often times these individuals will substitute knowledge and expertise for common sense when installing construction components. Even when quality products are used, improper installations and applications can result in defects. As building techniques and products constantly evolve SFW’s certified installers receive constant education and training to make sure they are up to date on current installation methods and applications.

Do I have defective siding?

Defective Flashing - Notice the Reverse Lap and Nail Through the Flat

Defective Flashing

There are numerous kinds of defects that can occur in siding, siding components, and the envelope underneath. Poor installation, improper nailing, inadequate flashing or moisture/air barrier, poor paint coverage, weather and moisture exposure, improper maintenance, and faulty caulking is the most common defects in siding. Siding and building envelope defects can lead to the occurrence of dry rot in the structural framing. This is due due to accumulation of excessive moisture and can be a significant problem if not addressed.

Defective Siding

Defective Siding

Some defects are due to manufacturers’ errors and lead to different types of damage to the siding. Swelling along the edges, cracking, swelling around nails, wavy appearance, discoloration, siding coming apart, or siding turning soft are the most common. If you notice any of these characteristics or defects in your home’s exterior SFW’s experts are her to help. SFW employees certified dupont installers that are trained in numerous siding applications including James Hardie Products. As well as natural and primed cedar. And SFW Painting is there to finish the job.

Are my windows and sliding glass doors defective?

 Defects associated with windows and sliding glass doors usually have to do with leaks. This means the window was installed inadequately was not flashed properly, or the window product itself is defective and leaking. Are your windows or sliders difficult to operate?  Difficult operation or improper fitment can be attributed to foundation settlement, structural deficiencies or just a bad product. A leaking window or sliding glass door can also lead to the occurrence of dry rot below the siding. With the challenges presented by the weather in the Pacific Northwest SFW Construction has carefully developed an installation method to solve these problems. By exceeding the industries standard in products and application our window and door installers remedy defects while protecting what’s most important, your family and your home.