The Pacific Northwest is a wet and wonderful wonderland!

  1. Kiteboarding
  2. Skateboarding
  3. Surfing
  4. Kite Surfing
  5. Wake boarding
  6. Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  7. Snowboarding

All of the activities above have one thing in common- water!

Wait skateboarding and water how does that work?

Spend some time downtown Portland where you have one of America’s first free and public skateboard parks, the internationally famous Burnside Bridge spot. This park is built under a bridge for a reason, it rains a lot in Portland.

This amazing concrete bowl based playground was built by hand by a collective of skateboarders who epitomize the ethos of Portland, the ‘city that works’ and a can do spirit. It was also built there so they could work on it over time under the cover of the bridge from the elements and away from the prying eyes of ‘nay sayers’ and those who don’t get the appeal of skateboarding and street culture!

Across Portland and its many bustling suburbs you will see more skate parks and one fact among all of them that are not covered like the Burnside Bridge spot is that they are wet half the year.

This is why we threw skateboarding on the list. Many skaters use long boards or penny boards or even have off road boards or skateboards that they only use in the rain and wet weather. You will see them downtown where Portland actually is not just a bicycle friendly city but has a dedicated path for skateboarding around the city!

Speaking of bicycling should we add it to the list, as you will see an amazing amount of cyclists braving the weather with bikes equipped with fenders, rain proof saddle bags and outer gear purpose built to repel water and keep the rider warm and pushing ever forward!

We appreciate the tenacity of our Pacific Northwest community and wanted to make this post to share our admiration of the folks who thrive and make the most of wet weather and water related activities!

If you are conquering water and enjoying and making the most of it, we tip our SFW Construction hats to you!

If your a homeowner who was maybe poking around your garage looking at your old wake board, and see a wet spot on the ceiling or wall, that could be caused by dry rot, and just like it takes expert skills and equipment to do stunts and tricks, it takes experience to tackle water damage, mold and dry rot, so call the experts at SFW Construction we know all the tricks and stunts when it comes to dry rot repair as we have been performing these high level skills for over 14 years, and yes we wear helmets!