How a Siding Rain Screen protects from the Portland Weather

siding rain screen
Protecting your property is of vital importance.  Other Portland siding companies may offer cut rate and cut corner options for protecting your investments but at SFW Construction we are well acquainted with best methods and well as with the Oregon Repair Code.  A siding rain screen is an important part of siding replacement and siding repair.  A rain screen is constructed by fastening wooden boards vertically on top of the weather resistant barrier (WRB) to provide an air gap between the building and the siding creating a drainage plane.  Any moisture getting behind the siding system can easily escape by draining downward.  A rain-screen is seen as one of the most effective ways to keep water from infiltrating a building, but it can also be the most expensive.  At SFW Construction LLC we excel at being cost effective without compromising the quality of the project.  Our rain screens follow this model.  A siding rain screen should encourage air circulation behind the siding using cost effective materials and specs that are up to code.
Water Resistant Barrier

Oregon codes recommend the use of a Water Resistant Barrier.