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As your house ages, the chances of having a leaking window, door, roof or skylight increases. If you notice a leak don’t wait on a repair, call a contractor right away! If water gets through to the structure of your home more damage will occur, destroying areas of your home. This is a big problem in Oregon where rain is no stranger to the people.

Fortunately, rather than a full window replacement, we can repair the surrounding areas. Instead of a full replacement which takes additional time and money we specialize in repairs because many times a good skylight repair is all that’s necessary to keep your home protected for several additional years.

Leaking Window Repair
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Leaking Window Repair

A Leaking Window or Door Can Severely Damage Your Home

A leaking window or door is a hassle to deal with as a Portland homeowner and if not repaired promptly the consequences can be more severe than one might expect. If your window or door starts leaking call a contractor righ away! If you allow time to pass, especially in a rainy state like Oregon the damage will get exponentially worse. That is why when we are up on your roof we will inspect it for any additional damage and clean the area. It’s important your roof gets checked because leaks can result in damaged attics, ceilings, joists, and the home’s structure.

Over time, the water that can leak can cause mold to form and spread throughout your house, putting your family’s health at risk.  SFW Construction specializes in skylight leak repairs; we know how to locate leaks and fix them properly so your home, and its inhabitants, remain dry and healthy.