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Lead Paint Removal Project Green Lake Neighborhood

Seattle Lead Paint Removal. “Where do we start?” It's a question we often get asked when working on turn-of-the-century homes. From a contractor’s perspective, the answer is simple. “Let’s start with safety.” In this case, lead paint. Typically, when the paint fails, it stems from a moisture issue. For instance, it could be because of a leaky gutter, a lousy piece of roof flashing, or any other form of water intrusion. In most cases, especially in new construction, it means a lot of rot, which typically happens in less time; when it comes to older homes, that generally is not the case.

Granted, these paint failures are often mistaken for siding failures. In most cases, the siding underneath is outstanding. Although with enough exposure, all wood will succumb to dry rot.

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Massive Structural Damage Caused By A Fallen Tree In Portland

When high winds caused by a winter storm brought down an old Ash tree in the historic neighborhood of Marylhurst in Portland—SFW Construction came out immediately, tarped off all active leaks, assessed the damage, and quickly developed a structural remediation plan.

Most of the roof damage, water intrusion, framing, and siding damage was on the South side of the home. It was so extensive that we were forced to rebuild the southern and western walls from the studs and sheathing to the weather-resistant barrier and window flashing—to the new siding installed on the entire south and partial west sides of the home.

SFW Construction performed all the work on this historic home without using any sub-contractors within about six weeks.


1910 Portland Bungalow Undergoes A Complete Restoration

During our first encounter, the homeowner mentioned that his home in Portland was built in 1910–making it over 100 years old. His great-grandparents bought the house in 1916 and passed it down through the generations. Since the house had so much sentiment to his family, researching to find the best siding contractor to work on a historical home restoration project was going to be a challenge, and he knew it.

What made finding a Portland siding repair contractor so challenging? The homeowner's family knew that the project was a massive undertaking. If they were going to hire someone for a Portland historical home restoration project, it had to be someone who had experience out in the field.

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