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Historical Home Renovation By Green Lake

This Seattle Home Renovation Began As A Lead Paint Removal Project

Project Scope (overview)

Lead Paint Removal. “Where do we start?” It is a question we often get asked when working on turn-of-the-century homes. This discussion usually occurs in the initial contact between SFW Construction and a homeowner. In short, from a contractor’s perspective, the answer is simple. “Let’s start with safety.” In this case, lead paint.

Project Details

We start on the same page when a homeowner is already aware that their house contains lead paint. Moreover, the homeowner understands that the house is not in great shape and is a hazard. Ultimately they will require professional work to keep the home safe. Of course, the remediation of lead paint could mean a few different things, encapsulation, or a total reside. In fact, we can perform each of these remediations individually or in junction with one another. All three of them have pros and cons. It just depends on what fits your situation the best.

Typically, when the paint fails, it stems from a moisture issue. For instance, it could be because of a leaky gutter, a lousy piece of roof flashing, or any other form of water intrusion. In most cases, especially in new construction, it means a lot of rot, which typically happens in less time. When it comes to older homes, that generally is not the case. 

I appreciated working with SFW. If I needed to speak or get a hold of someone, it was effortless. The project progressed quickly, and it was cool to see all the changes happen.

Aslyn B., Seattle, WA
July 2021

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We Specialize In Lead Paint Removal

Previously, older homes, specifically turn-of-the-century homes, relied on the home’s ability to take on a certain amount of moisture and allow natural ventilation. In fact, they were built into the design, either through the lap siding or soffit vents. Throughout time, the lack of harsh chemicals and additives into modern paints (for a good reason) have created a need to paint more often. Of course, this buildup of latex typically reduces the amount of natural ventilation. All in all, without drilling new ventilation caps into the siding as needed, you will get more and more bubbling and peeling. The moisture in the siding is forced through the base layer of the paint when a bubble occurs. Thus exposing the original lead-based paint and creating a hazard.

Historical Home Renovation

Ultimately this hazard is a widespread issue amongst older homes. Of course, the level of failure depends on sun/rain exposure, elevations, type of siding, and the level of maintenance kept up over the years. Granted, these paint failures are often mistaken for siding failures. In most cases, the siding underneath is outstanding. Although with enough exposure, all wood will succumb to dry rot. (Dry Rot Blogs)

Remediation Of Lead Paint

The homeowner wanted to keep as much of the original siding as possible for this project. That is to say, they recognized the siding underneath was in near-mint condition for restoration. Before beginning the project our teams arrived and started our daily process. First, we communicated the timelines with the homeowner. Second, addressing any concerns about access and safety. Third, they got right into setting up containment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Soon after the crew dressed in the proper PPE (personal protective equipment), our on-site supervisor started the lead paint removal process. He started by finding the best and most effective method of lead paint removal for this house.

The Best Technique For Lead Paint Removal

Siding conditions can affect the paint removal method without damaging any siding. For example, the best way to remove lead paint for this project was to use a flameless heat gun. This method, in our opinion, was the cleanest as it creates no dust. In conclusion, it was not only the best way to remove the lead paint, but it also made the daily clean-up safer and quicker. Above all, it allowed for more time to remove all the harmful lead paint.

Home Remediation Experts

Determined by both the onsite supervisor and the client the cedar shingles were deemed too far gone to be remediated safely. There was no way to preserve the cedar shingles as they would likely get damaged during the process. Since this is so, we decided to safely demolish the existing shingles and install new primed combed cedar. In addition, it allowed us the opportunity to open up the siding and install a modern water-resistant barrier to deter future water penetrations.

Exterior Home Painting Experts

Soon after the new shingles were installed, and all the original siding was stripped of lead paint. The fun part came! The homeowner worked with their spouse to come up with a color scheme that transformed their home. In short, the colors really popped and in our opinion, the goal was achieved! To illustrate our paint process for this project read the description below.

The house required oil-based primer over the freshly HEPA sanded original siding. In addition, we used two coats of premium exterior latex paint for the body. Last, we completed the trim in traditional white.

The Finished Product

The homeowners chose a lively green for their primary color, white trim, and plum doors.

Kind words from the homeowner.

Why SFW? In short, we were initially looking for siding and dry rot issues. This is because the inspector pointed out those problems during our initial inspection. We looked for a company and hired SFW to perform the work. The first carpenter said we had lead paint and described what that meant. Surely, I appreciated the truth and honesty that he shared with me. Furthermore, we also wanted a new paint job as we expect to be here long-term and raise a family. For these reasons, we decided to go with SFW. The crews were friendly and great to work with each day. In addition, we got a better sense of lead paint with this project.” — Aslyn B.

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