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Bend Siding Repair Contractor

Experienced In Eliminating Dry Rot And Focused On Affordable Targeted Siding Repairs

SFW Construction is a Bend siding repair contractor committed to providing long-lasting exterior home repairs.  Through our Bend office, we provide residential home services for projects throughout the area including; Sunriver, Sisters, and the Greater Redmond area. Our services include but are not limited to; high-quality exterior siding repairs, dry rot repair, roofing, window and doors, and deck repair. Whether you’re in the process of remodeling your Bend home or making repairs to contribute to the long-term value of your property, we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Bend Exterior Home Repair

Bend Siding Repair Contractor

We Promise High-Quality Siding Repairs, Excellent Problem-Solving Skills, And Flawless Execution

Exceptional, high-quality repairs start with having the correct skillset, knowledge, and experience to complete the project. However, those are not the only attributes one must have when repairing damaged parts of a home, especially if you want something long-lasting and eye-catching.

Here at SFW Construction, we believe that every detail along the way matters. Preparation, tools, and specific repair guidelines are just a few of the examples we train our crew members on to produce exceptional repairs consistently. By choosing a professional contractor for your project, you will get the care and attention the repair needs to be done right.

Exterior Home Repair Services

Siding Repair

When you need a siding repair or full siding replacement, trust the James Hardie Siding, and Dupont-Tyvek Certified siding experts at SFW Construction. We are known for our quality, communication, and willingness to do targeted siding repairs, saving customers time and money. Our experts are exceptional at integrating new siding materials with existing materials—resulting in a seamless match.

Dry Rot Repair

We specialize in resolving all your dry rot issues and eliminating the problem from its source. With our 3-step targeted repair process our team can restore your home’s structural integrity and provide you with a long-lasting solution. We have the skill and experience needed to locate, inspect, and effectively remove moisture along with making the necessary repairs caused by dry rot.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are a vital investment for any residential and commercial property. To protect that investment, it’s important that new windows be installed with attention to detail and weatherization in mind. SFW Construction provides a lasting solution around windows and doors that involves removing trim, performing a targeted repair, installing flashing, and watertight.

Deck Repair

Enhance the value and appeal of your outdoor living space by adding an aesthetically beautiful, highly functional, and custom-designed deck to your home. SFW Construction offers repairs for all of your deck and outdoor living space expansion needs. We are experts at locating problems with your deck and making the proper deck repairs to create a beautiful extension of your home.

Roof Repair

We are a GAF-certified roofer focusing on roof repairs, which could extend the life of your roof for years to come. Our roofing crews integrate professional repairs with existing materials so you won’t be able to spot a difference once we are done. High-quality workmanship combined with superior products and a great warranty equates to exceptional roof jobs that are hard to beat and built to last.

Construction Defects

A construction defect is a condition related to design, materials, or workmanship that compromises your house’s integrity. Perhaps the most common construction defects we see in Bend come from improperly flashed roofs, improperly installed windows and exterior doors, wood fascia board or wood trim, and improper exterior calking of siding that resulting in water leaks and or mold.

House Painting Services

Exterior Painting

Every house is different. From masking to coating, we tailor fit our proven process and materials to the specifications of your home. We are exterior home painting experts who understand preparation and attention to small details can make up 80% of the quality and durability of any paint job. Our painting crews have years of experience with high performance and long-lasting paint jobs.

Interior Painting

Interior painting done by a professional will add value to your home. We start by preparing the area before getting the job done quickly and efficiently while still maintaining our quality standards. Once the job is complete and the final cleanup is done, our goal is to make it look as if we were never there and the only thing left behind is a beautiful, high-end finish that our customers love!

Lead Paint Removal

We have a strong passion for restoring vintage homes. Our passion requires expert-level knowledge in lead paint removal so we can completely eliminate any harmful lead paint. We are careful to follow strict EPA guidelines when painting in areas where lead paint is a concern. These guidelines serve to reinforce our already strict procedures when removing lead-based paint.

Lead Paint Abatement

The law requires lead-safe certifications for all paint contractors if the work disturbs 20-square-feet or more on the exterior of a home built before 1978. The main benefit of lead paint removal and lead abatement is to have a home free from a serious environmental hazard. Another benefit is the peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your loved ones from potential harm.

Other Exterior Home Repair Services

Yelp Reviews

“We had a surprise roof leak on a new kitchen extension due to shoddy work from the previous contractor. Now, no more leaky roof! SFW was excellent to work with professional, responsive, and clear communicators. They were open and honest while trying to locate the root cause, and made sure to consult us before making any decisions. No surprises, no issues, and the guys on-site were extremely pleasant to be around. I’d recommend SFW to anyone.” – Sean E. (10/2019)

Google Reviews

“We have used SFW Construction for two projects, and a third starting this week. The company has a unique process that is quite efficient, and the crew members are very knowledgeable and professional. They were courteous, went above and beyond, and fun to get to know during the process! We have been very pleased with the outcome of both projects and feel comforted knowing that we can hire them for repairs and not worry about the outcome, because it will be great!” – Julie S. (05/2020)

Facebook Reviews

“SFW did an amazing job for me. The job was repairing some dry rot, which entailed a lot of tear-out and rebuilding, insulating, and painting. They are precise with their carpentry, clean up after themselves every day, and were very pleasant to work with on a project. The resulting work was much nicer than the rest of the existing house. I know I will be using this company again for further jobs. Thanks, guys! You do amazing work.” – Rhonda H. (07/2020)

Licensed, Bonded And Insured

Founded in 2005 with a long and growing list of stellar reviews from satisfied customers, we are the most experienced siding repair contractor specializing in siding repairs and replacement, dry rot, leaking skylights, window installations, lead paint removal and exterior painting. We are certified and trained in the latest product applications and installation techniques.

Trusted Partners And Proven Products

We only work with the best! Our construction crews are factory certified installers for the best brands and products to ensure your repair or replacement job is done right and the problem won’t return again.