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    Portland Roof & Roofing Leak Repair Specialists

    As your roof ages, it becomes more likely that a roof leak or other damage will occur. This is especially true in Portland, Oregon where rain is no stranger.

    Fortunately, the life of your roof can be extended, and often without the need for a full roof replacement. Many times, a good roof repair by a qualified roofing contractor is all that’s necessary to keep your roof effectively protecting your home for several additional years, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in expense.

    Do you need a Portland Roofer? First let’s compare roof repair vs. roof replacement.

    Many Portland roofing companies have little interest in the smaller roof repair jobs, but at SFW Construction we have made it our specialty. As an independent Portland roofing contractor with no corporate contracts needing fulfilling (and therefore no need to up sell particular roofing products needed for complete roof installations), we have no incentive to push for full roof replacements in situations when roof repairs make more sense. We will always recommend what’s best for the customer! Sometimes an inspection will reveal that a full roof replacement is warranted. Whether a roof repair or full roof replacement, SFW Construction is the roofing company homeowners trust in the greater Portland metro area.

    A leaking roof is just the beginning of your homes construction problems.

    A roof leak is bad enough in and of itself, but the consequences can be more severe than one might expect if not repaired promptly. Roof leaks can result in damaged attics, ceilings, joists, and can compromise the integrity of your home’s structure. Over time, mold can form and spread throughout the house, putting your family’s health at risk. SFW Construction specializes in roof leak repairs; we know how to locate leaks and fix them properly so your home, and its inhabitants, remain dry and healthy.

    Roof repair Portland, Oregon - SFW Construction LLC Portland Roofer. Roofing company Portland.

    Contact us to hire a Portland Roofer for your professional PDX Roof Repair Project! Don’t let dry rot from a leaking roof start it’s dirty work!

    There are several common roof issues that call for a professional roofer in Portland including:

    • Loose, bent, or cracked shingles.
    • Nails popping up.
    • Leaking around shingles, flashing, chimneys, valleys, skylights, or vents
    • Old, damaged or improperly-installed flashing
    • Poorly-finished connections, poor caulking
    • Roofing material not properly torched down (flat roofs)

    You’re going to hire a GAF-certified roofing contractor, right?

    GAF Certified Roofing Products. Always choose a GAF Certified Roofing Contractor for your roof repair project.

    America’s largest roofing material manufacturer, GAF stands for General Airline and Film.

    Our roofing crews are not only among the best in Oregon, but we’re GAF-certified too, which means we use only the finest roofing products with some of the best warranties available. Great workmanship combined with great products and a great warranty equate to exceptional roof jobs that are hard to beat and built to last.

    Our Portland Roofer teams always make customers our top priority

    We have self-imposed high standards and a steadfast commitment to excellence that we believe are unmatched by other roofing contractors. We take every measure to fix problem areas PROPERLY and EFFECTIVELY and want our customers to rest assured that their roof repair was performed to the highest standard and meant to last.

    As a customer service forward and review driven company we always treat our customers like we treat our own family. From the initial phone call to the final clean-up, we want your experience with us to be a good one. This customer-first attitude has resulted in SFW Construction being named a Home Advisor Top Rated contractor and winning the Angie’s List Super Service award for three years running!

    When it comes to first-class roof repairs, and full roof replacements, Portland relies on SFW Construction. Residential or commercial roofs, composite shingles, cedar shakes, or flat roofs…we do roofing better!

    Call today at 503-885-0236 and talk to us about your Pacific Northwest roofing project!

    How can a roof replacement help your home?

    Roof Replacement

    A roof, when chosen correctly and properly installed can be a true thing of beauty adding both value and exterior appeal to your home.  Yet a roof is so much more than good looks.  Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. A proper roof replacement by a reputable roofing contractor along with timely maintenance and repair are key to protecting your home.  At SFW, we will help you choose the right style, flashing, ridges, venting, skylights and so much more.  Finding the right roofing option to best defend your home against the elements and add beauty to your home is what we do!  We are committed to long lasting sustainable products and quality installation.  If you are in Portland, Oregon or the surrounding areas, look no further!  SFW is committed to improving the quality of your home with a quality roof replacement.

    There Are a Few things to Know When Considering A New Roof:

    We use only the best quality, longest lasting, beautiful roofing materials.  Our roofs include a lifetime warranty with the first 50 years being non-prorated and it covers the entire roofing system and labor should there be any defective materials.  See the GAF weather stopper warranty for more information.

    We Use Materials Recognized As The Best Products Available.

    roofing under layment for a roof replacementGAF roofing products are the highest quality roof replacement materials on the market.

    GAF roofing materials have been around for over 100 years because they have consistently been more innovative and continued to focus on quality more than any other roofing manufacturer. They put a huge priority on creating the entie roof system – not just shingles. They invest in the community by selecting and training roofing contractors to install their roofs perfectly. They are now one of the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in North America for good reason.

    SFW Construction LLC is a GAF Certified Roofing Contractor.  No matter who you choose, always insist on high quality construction and high quality products from your contractor.

    Residential & Commercial Flat Roof Repair

    We’re Portland’s flat roof experts

    Worker repairing a flat roof in Portland, Oregon.

    It’s probably an understatement to say that Portland sees its fair share of rain. And rain is not the friend of the thousands of flat roofs (also known as “low-slope roofs”) adorning commercial buildings and homes across the greater Portland-metro area. Water tends to pool and penetrate seams in the membrane, flashing, and wherever it can find them. Next thing you know, you have a leak. And if your damaged roof has been neglected for a significant period of time, there’s a pretty good chance that rot has invaded the wood underneath, too.

    While many commercial roofing contractors can handle leaks, most are not equipped to handle rot and other issues that commonly accompany a damaged flat roof. What’s worse is that some will knowingly roof right over the top of problem areas in order to complete the job quickly and get paid!

    SFW Construction, on the other hand, is one of the few commercial roofing contractors in the Portland, Oregon area able to handle ANY of the issues that may be hiding under your low-slope roof. If dry rot, for example, is discovered during the roofing process, our dry rot experts can take care of it quickly and PROPERLY so that the integrity of your building’s structure isn’t compromised down the line. No need to call another contractor!

    Flat roof repairs require flat roof specialists

    Residential flat roof in Portland, Oregon.Flat roofs are a completely different animal than your typical, standard-pitch residential roof. As such, it’s important to hire a commercial roofing company with plenty of professional experience working with flat roofs, specifically, and is familiar with all of the nuances. SFW Construction specializes in the repair and replacement of various types of commercial and residential flat roofing, including TPO, PVC, EPDM, and Bitumen. Our flat roof professionals have the expertise, they’re GAF-certified, and they’re 100% dedicated to providing our customers with a first-class roof job that will protect their homes and commercial buildings for many years to come. Quality work isn’t just a goal for us–it’s what we’re all about!

    Should Your Flat Roof Be Repaired Or Replaced?

    As you might guess, the answer to this question depends on the age and condition of your roof, but also the type. During our comprehensive initial inspection, we will carefully check for any issues around seams, flashing, the chimney, skylights, and other attachment points. We’ll look for standing water, cracking, and general deterioration that might be caused by aging and/or the elements. Taking all of this into account, as well as the roof type and its life expectancy, we can recommend whether a repair or a replacement makes the most sense for you. We might find, for example, that a rubber (EPDM) roof which is 12 years old and pulling away at attachment points should be completely replaced, whereas a 20 year-old, single-ply PVC roof that’s leaking at the seams might need just a simple repair.

    Flat Roof Options

    If a flat roof replacement is in the cards for you, there are a few different choices, each with their advantages and disadvantages:

    • Modified Bitumen: Cut in 3-foot strips and made from an asphalt composite, this is frequently found on residential flat roofs.
    • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer): This rubber roofing comes in large sheets and works well on large buildings.
    • PVC: A white, single-ply thermoplastic material that is extremely durable and reflects heat nicely. Often used on large commercial buildings.
    • TPO: A newer type of single-ply thermoplastic membrane, this one has a fabric feel to it, good durability, and is relatively inexpensive.
    • Other flat roof types include spray-on silicone and BUR (built-up roofing), but these are going out of style in favor of more modern, more practical roofing materials.

    Flat roof types - SFW Construction, Portland, Oregon.
    Whatever the roof type, SFW Construction is the Portland roofing company you will want to use for your flat roof repair or replacement.

    By the way, we’re just as ardent about providing superior customer service as we are about superior roofing work. In fact, our focus on customer satisfaction has earned us the Angie’s List Super Service award AND we’ve been deemed a HomeAdvisor Top Rated contractor!