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“Clearly Focused On Transparency And Delivering Quality Workmanship”

Guild Quality Five Star Review

Although I was apprehensive about not receiving a fixed cost bid to repair my dry rot issue upfront, I concluded their time and materials approach made sense. If they are being transparent about their rate per hour and cost of materials, surely this is more sensible for a homeowner and could end up costing less than a fixed cost bid with built-in contingencies. Well, my decision paid off and my issue was repaired professionally and efficiently. The daily billing and multiple payment options made a big difference too. I highly recommend SFW.

03/2020 • Jonathan B., West Linn, Oregon
Google Five Star Review
This company was very thorough and professional. They communicated very well and did a great job for me. I highly recommend them.
12/2019 • Karvan B., Vancouver, Washington
Google Five Star Review
What a great company. Every interaction I have had has been wonderful. I highly reccomend for siding and dry rot.
12/2019 • Hallie P., Portland, Oregon
Google Five Star Review

The guys arrived at the time they said they would and were prepared for the repair. The job was done right in a very timely manner.

11/2019 • Barry H., Portland, Oregon
Google Five Star Review

Repaired structural damage to a standalone carport. Work was done in a day, in and out. The construction foreman checked with me before doing any materials buys or rentals and kept me in the loop. I have used them before and will again.

09/2019 • Robert H., Beaverton, Oregon
Google Five Star Review

Wonderful service—they completed the project ahead of plan, which was a very pleasant surprise. The team was professional, provided all of their own materials, and communicated the details clearly. I would highly recommend SFW to anyone.

08/2019 • Matt C., Seattle, Washington
Google Five Star Review
Was impressed with the crew and the service. Arrived on time, ready to work. Did the work in less time than expected so saved me some real money. Work was well done and the process painless…would hire them again without question.
08/2019 • Leah W., Seattle, Washington
Google Five Star Review

Your guys were a class act and went above and beyond to help me with a job. I had questions afterward and the office staff was on it immediately making sure all of my concerns were addressed and handled. I will totally use SFW Construction again.

07/2019 • Jenifer H., Portland, Oregon
Yelp 5-Star Review

I have had SFW Construction out twice for two different projects and found everyone professional and informative. I was consistently made aware of the issues that were the result of construction defects. At no time was anytime wasted with the siding and roofing repairs. They were prompt and efficient. The estimates for the repairs were reasonable and at no time were we pressured to sign into a contract. Discussions were held and options mulled before the contracts were signed. My wife and I expect to continue our relationship with SFW Construction for future work.

11/2019 • Frank R., Sandy, Oregon
Yelp 5-Star Review

I am currently closing on a home and will be taking ownership tomorrow. Unfortunately, the siding has issues and some dry rot around the windows. I contacted SFW Construction to find out more about the issue and a possible siding and dry rot repair. I was very worried about what I would hear, but the staff at SFW helped answer all my questions! SFW made me feel more informed about my project! I’m still in the process of deciding to fix the issues or re-side the entire home, but I know for sure I will be calling SFW Construction either way!

10/2019 • Mirabella H., Portland, Oregon
Guild Quality Five Star Review

I must take a moment to commend the employees of SFW. Every single person, from initial contact to final day, was courteous, articulate, knowledgeable and patient. I particularly would like to recognize Angel, who directed the crew at our project site. He was punctual, gave me daily progress reports, alerted me to any potential issues along the way, and wrapped up his part of the project leaving an impeccably clean site. He is a tremendous asset to the company and I greatly appreciated his direct yet kind manner. In what is already a stressful situation, Angel has grace and diplomatic non-confrontational skills that serve the company well. With both construction and painting aspects of my project, SFW was prompt to schedule and begin the process and worked diligently and conscientiously to complete work in a timely manner. 

10/2019 • Troy J., Salem, Oregon
Guild Quality Five Star Review

Our house has extreme dry rot down to the studs in an area that had been hidden by the prior owner in an effort to flip the home. SFW did a phenomenal job getting down to the furthest extent of the rot, replacing studs, siding and remediating the roof and deck to prevent future problems. That isn’t to say it was a perfect road. This may be counterintuitive but the disagreement is where SFW stood out. There was an element in the final phase of the job that I wasn’t happy with and the front office was excellent about investigating my concern, correcting the problem, and making sure that the billing was fair. What proves worth is how a company deals with problems – is it collaborative and honest, or arbitrary and obfuscated? If you want a company of honest, transparent high quality tradesmen and women, SFW is well worth the cost.

09/2019 • AJ P., Portland, Oregon
Google Five Star Review

The quality of the work was very good! The foreman Robert was efficient, communicative and made sure the job site was cleaned up at the end of each day. There was a need to adjust the hours billed and since SFW has specialists in each position of the company (from customer experience, job site workers, billing, accounting, etc.) it took a while before we got a resolution. Once that was done the company was more than fair in the resolution of the issue. They are definitely a company that cares about the customer experience!

11/2019 • Gaye B., Beaverton, Oregon
Google Five Star Review

SFW Construction was great to work with on this project. We were replacing a deck and they took care of demolition, designing a new deck and once construction was done, did a great job working with us to find the best stain.

We also had to do some house painting around the area of the deck and they were also able to help us with this as well. Overall, a great experience and very professional crews.

08/2019 • Gina V., Beaverton, Oregon
Google Five Star Review

I highly recommend using SFW Construction to do any maintenance project you have. I had three different, difficult projects that were one after the other. Sandra in scheduling was readily available making getting an appointment easy, Nancy in Billing kept me updated every day so I could keep an eye on the price and was prompt and clear with the invoice when the project was done. I had Christian come and check on quality control and satisfaction. Greg, Chuck, and Alex were friendly, extremely knowledgeable project managers who fixed my severe dry rot, siding and window installations. Jord the Painter was very nice and luckily for me a perfectionist. He even color matched the color because we couldn’t find the old paint can. Overall SFW Construction is an A+ business to work with.

11/2019 • William P., Portland, Oregon
Google Five Star Review
I have a very old double garage with barn doors and wanted the openings reconfigured for overhead doors. Since it is on the street I needed to coordinate the reconstruction with the garage door installers so the two projects would be completed simultaneously due to security concerns. SFW Construction was able to do this perfectly despite the fact that the old garage had dry rot issues and required much more improvement than I initially expected. The completed project looks beautiful and the garage is now in much better condition than it was before. I couldn’t be more satisfied with both the work crew and the final result. After seeing the quality of their work I prefer to spend more money rather than ending up with the amateur result I would have achieved on my own. 
09/2019 • Jack M., Portland, Oregon

“I cannot even begin to explain how great Steve and his crew are, taking time to cover plants, move things out of the way, cleanup, prepare, and focus on the quality of their work. Their attention to detail is impressive, not to mention the extra things they did like filling up my Doberman’s water bowl or explaining how their tools work to my two young children. I encourage anyone to call or email me if you would like to know more about SFW Construction, I wasn’t thrilled about paying for a membership to Angie’s List but finding the right person to come into my home and perform work is important, I hope you find my long and wordy review helpful! A+ all the way, SFW is a rarity among contractors and I cannot speak highly enough of the integrity and care that ALL of the employees at SFW Construction took to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I got the best materials, best craftsmanship, and the best customer service possible.” —Levi Manselle • Gladstone, OR

“Great experience!!! Steve and his crew were professional, available and completed the job timely. I love the outcome and confidently refer him to everyone else.” —Misty Cavener • Tigard, OR

“They paid careful attention to preparing the work site so it would affect as little of the rest of the house as possible. The workers were all extremely prompt and polite. The finished product has exceeded our expectations.” —Julie Bosket • Tualatin, OR

“The end result was flawless. I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of work completed. I could not have asked for a better job! As a result, I recommended SFW to my boss. My boss used SFW Construction to paint her home, and she was equally pleased with SFW construction.” —Jeromy Goodpastor • Tigard, OR

“Steve was great to work with! He did an excellent job on my exterior painting project, showing up on time and putting in the extra effort needed to make my house look new again. He was a good communicator and reliable.” —Karen Nutial • Tigard, OR

“I would recommend them to anybody, I am now enjoying the high quality of their work and my friends have complimented me on the quality of the paint job.” —Gerald Wood • Portland, OR

“I would recommend Steve Wade to everyone. From start to finish, he will not only perform beyond your expectation but he will be a reliable guide through what can be complicated repairs/remodels to your home. Here is what you can expect: 1) He will help you make a detailed plan and if you are not sure about what you want, he will help by providing options 2) He will give you a detailed estimate that will include material and labor costs and he will be 100% accurate 3) He will show up on time, work incredibly efficiently and complete your project on time 4) He will maintain a level of professionalism that will give you peace of mind 5) The finished product will meet/exceed your expectation” —Linda Holmes • Eugene, OR

“I want to thank the team for their professionalism and craftsmanship. The crew that did my bathroom was courteous, considerate and did a great job. They worked hard to find a solution that would meet my needs, both in quality and cost. They were honest and open about all of the issues and kept me informed of the work status. I had opportunities to discuss the plans and the results so that I felt part of the team. The tile looks amazing, and the paint and doors tie it all together. The team was knowledgeable and professional, and I would recommend them to my friends and family!!!! I will definitely use them again!” —Angelica Kniss • Portland, OR