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Siding Contractors and Dry Rot Specialists in Renton, Washington

renton bellevue emerald city SFW Construction LLC is a general contractor committed to providing long lasting, high quality exterior siding services, dry rot repair, and home repair services.

Through our Renton office, we provide residential home repair services for projects in the Renton metro area including full service from our interior & exterior paint division and our multi-family siding and repair division.

We have staff who are trained and specialize in siding contractor work, from repairing a few siding boards to complete re-sides of a variety of siding colors and choices. We can get you away from dated vinyl or aluminum siding and wrap your home in beautiful long lasting James Hardie certified installed products.

With styles, colors and choices as unique as the communities we serve our Siding, Roofing, Window and Door products from top brands are an affordable solution to repair old age and weather damage or correct issues that might of come up on a recent home inspection.

Even more important than the fact that our crews are certified installers of James Hardie Siding products, is that they are also certified installers of DuPont Tyvek and other high quality weather barriers. After all the over all quality and durability of your exterior siding work is based upon the proper installation of the right weather barriers, that are installed according to your counties most recent building codes.

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