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We are experts at locating dry rot and other problems in and around your deck and making the proper repairs to make your deck great again. Even if rot has penetrated some of the deck joists, all is not lost—a good deck repair may still be all that’s necessary. With professional experience in the deck repair business since 2005, we’ve developed a knack for effectively repairing damaged decks. This provides you with a timely, safe, and affordable solution.

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Deck Repair Dry Rot Experts

In the rain-soaked Northwest, old decks often need help. Wet deck wood, especially if not properly treated and maintained, tends to break down and rot over time. Whether you need your deck stained or repaired our crews know how to make it beautiful and safe. However, you will want to catch dry rot fast because it can spread from the deck boards to the joists and even the house if not repaired properly. It’s important to take care of deck damage early—before a minor repair becomes a major one with major expenses!

Signs You Might Need A Deck Repair

When installing or repairing decks that are attached to your home you need a contractor who can make sure the deck is integrated into the home’s envelope system and flashed correctly. If your deck is not flashed and the ledger board isn’t tied into the home properly this can cause dry rot and make your outdoor entertaining area unsafe.

  • Ledger Flashing

  • Dry Rot Repair

  • Railing Safety Upgrades

  • Stair Repair

  • Structural Repair

  • Deck Leak Repair

Siding Repair

Wooden Decks

Tired of having your friends crammed into your kitchen and living room? Need a place to set up that barbecue? Want to make the most of your property while expanding the usable space of your home? SFW Construction is a Wooden Deck Contractor offering top quality inspection, repair, or design. We can provide pressure washing, deck staining, and deck repairs.

Custom Deck Design And Construction

Don’t have deck or maybe your just tired of the old one?  A new custom deck design from SFW is an excellent way to convert unwieldy lawn space into an area of social summer time barbeque magic! Enhance the value and appeal of your outdoor living space by adding an aesthetically beautiful, highly functional, custom designed, custom crafted deck to your home. SFW Construction offers custom decks designed for all of your deck and outdoor expansion needs.

We specialize in both new deck construction and in deck repairs.  SFW Construction is a full service Deck Design Construction Contractor serving Portland, Oregon and all surrounding metro areas like Beaverton, Tigard, and Lake Oswego. SFW Construction is a Licensed and Bonded Certified Contractor with reviews, references, and craftsmanship that back up our claims.  You can feel confident in making the call today for a free consultation!

Full-Service Deck Repair Pros

We utilize the finest decking materials available; for wood decks, it’s beautiful prime cedar, and for composite decks, top-of-the-line polyethylene-based material. Our use of first-rate materials is complemented by exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that we feel is unmatched by other Portland decking contractors. Whether you need a modest, basic deck or a sophisticated, multi-tiered, wooden masterpiece, we build ’em to look amazing and to last.

Deck really are our forte. Often a deck in poor condition can mean there are other underlying issues (or will be soon), such as dry rot. As SFW Construction is The foremost dry rot repair expert in Portland, there will be no need to call another contractor regardless of what problems might be uncovered or how serious they are. We are exceedingly equipped to handle any repair residential or commercial repair, large or small, and handle it properly.

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