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Homes Built Before 1978 May Contain Lead Paint

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We have a strong passion for restoring vintage homes in the Pacific Northwest. Our passion requires expert-level knowledge in lead paint removal that requires a specialized skillset. First, you must be certified by the state to remove lead-based paint. Second, you must be an expert in structural dry rot repairs. Third, you must understand how to prepare a house to be adequately repainted, and finally—you need to know how to finish by painting the house and the trim so that it makes a statement.

EPA Lead Paint Removal Certification

We Get The Lead Out

The Environmental Protection Agency stated in 1991 that lead-based paint was considered the “number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States.” We are always careful to follow strict EPA guidelines when remodeling or painting in areas where lead-based paint might be a concern.  Even the possibility of these toxic paints only serves to reinforce our already strict preparations and procedures when it comes to removing lead-based paint.

Discovering Repairs During The Lead Paint Removal Process

During the lead paint removal process, it’s not uncommon to discover other repairs that need to be done on your home. If any of the issues listed below are discovered during a lead paint removal project, SFW Construction is here to seamlessly keep the project on track. No need for our clients to become general contractors, we can handle every contingency.

Who Is At Risk?

Homes and commercial properties built as recently as 1978 contain varying degrees of lead paint.  Some older homes may even have heavily leaded paint—paint that was manufactured before we knew just how bad lead paint can be. But don’t worry, if the paint is removed properly, with all protective coverings and clean up procedures in place, the threat can be completely eliminated from your home.

What Paint Is Right For Your Home?

The paints that we choose are environmentally friendly, easy to clean, most importantly, meet all of the most stringent EPA regulations for VOC’s.  One such VOC or volatile organic compound, is lead.  This is why we use leaders in environmentally friendly paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Rodda, and Miller Paint.  These companies make paint that is good for the environment, your health, and piece of mind.

Certified Lead Safe Home Restorations

According to the EPA, lead paint removal projects should only be performed by Certified Lead Safe Restoration Contractors. SFW Painting is a fully accredited and licensed Lead Abatement Contractor. We understand that Pacific Northwest homeowners care about the environment, safety, and their family’s health. Many paint contractors shy away from this work because of the difficulty, the regulations, and stringent rules. We embrace lead paint removal projects with a passion. We do this to help preserve homes in Portland, make them beautiful, and environmentally safe.