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Who doesn’t love a skylight? They let natural light into your home and make your space feel bigger and brighter — extra sunshine in the day and a view of the stars at night. If functioning correctly, skylights are a wonderful feature in a home. However, a leaking skylight can be a real headache for homeowners. Since skylights are located on your roof most homeowners (except a few brave souls) do not want to venture north to troubleshoot or repair their roof or leaking skylight.

Why SFW Construction Is The Right Call

SFW Construction is an expert at diagnosing and repairing leaking skylights. It is essential to understand that 95% of the time, it isn’t your skylight that is the problem. It is sporadic that a skylight has a blown seal or a defect in frame or assembly. In almost every case, there is an issue with the installation of the skylight. Primarily the flashing kit has been installed improperly, or the flashing is not correctly integrated into the roof underlayment (waterproof membrane).

How Do I Know My Skylight Is Leaking?

SFW Construction is the go-to contractor for leaking skylights. We are THE contractor for water damage and waterproofing. Your skylight is likely leaking if you have any of the following problems.

  • Discolored or Damp Drywall
  • Musty/Damp Smell Around Skylight
  • Sagging Paint
  • Water Visibly Leaking
  • Water Stained Trim or Millwork

GAF Certified

Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We are GAF certified roofing experts, as well as waterproofing gurus! Here’s how we do it.

  • Diagnose The Source Of The Leakage
  • Carefully Remove The Skylight
  • Remove Enough Of The Current Roofing To Make The Repair
  • Integrate A New Flashing Kit and Reinstall The Skylight
  • Install Any New Needed Roofing Materials

Other Home Repair Services We Offer

Here is where most companies will stop their services. The benefit of working with SFW is having a fully licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor. We can also:

  • Repair or Replace any Rotted or Water Damaged Framing
  • Remove and Replace any Wet or Damaged Insulation
  • Repair or Replace any Water Damaged Drywall or Plaster
  • Tape and Texture any Drywall Repairs
  • Repair or Replace any Damaged Trim Work
  • Prime and Paint all the Repairs