Window And Door Repairs

Water Intrusion • Window Flashing Repairs • Rotted Frames

Water Intrusion, Window Flashing Repairs, And Rotted Frames

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New window and door installations are often necessary because frames or siding around failed due to a construction defect. The damage, therefore, may not be your window or door—but rather the framing and siding around them. If moisture is allowed to enter your house around windows and doors, materials will swell, and your home will pay the price. Our crews are trained to discover the root cause of your problem and eliminate it for good with a lasting solution that usually involves removing trim materials and performing a targeted repair to the flashing making the enclosure water and airtight again.

Window Repair And Replacement

Tired of energy bills creeping up on you? Perhaps it’s time for some window replacement work. Too much noise from the neighbors affecting movie night? Time to install better windows! Wet spots or funny odors coming from around your window sill? Do window repair now and prevent costly dry rot damage immediately! We are the window and door repairs contractor for you.

Benefits of Window And Door Repairs

  • Improved Security
  • Prevent Dry Rot and Leaks
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Added Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home
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Caulking Around An Old Window Or Door Is Not A Permanent Repair Solution

Windows and doors are a vital investment for any residential and commercial property. To protect that investment, it’s important that new windows be installed with attention to detail and weatherization in mind. As much moisture as we get in the Pacific Northwest, it’s crucially important to do window and door repairs right. Whether you hire us for one window or door, or all the windows and doors in your home we will do the job right completing projects with a long-term vision in mind, efficiently removing old window frames, and addressing any underlying structural damage. A major problem in the Pacific Northwest is leaking windows and doors. If there is an entry point for moisture to penetrate your home, it will.

Here are some common signs that your windows and doors may be leaking:

  • Warped or cracked siding or trim pieces

  • Visable signs of mold on drywall or damp musty mold around window and door openings

  • Rotten or swollen exterior trim and siding

  • Mushrooms or mold on your siding or trim

  • Woodpecker holes or critter damage on siding or trim around windows and doors

  • Plants and shrubs against your siding

Door Repair And Installation

Our window and door installers go through extensive training to properly install the weather barriers and flashing to prevent any leaks behind doors.

Our focus is to make sure your new windows or doors never leak and that there is no damage behind the door frame. Window and door repairs are something our crews specialize in so, they know how to protect the area around the door to remain clean, clear, and free from dry rot and water intrusion.

We are happy to work with you by aiding in measuring, choosing, and ordering new windows and doors. Our team of installers and project managers will be able to walk you through the process of window and door repairs and installation.

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Recommended Window And Door Manufacturers

Already picked out and purchased your replacement windows? Great! But, if you need help measuring, choosing, and ordering new window inserts look for a trusted Milgard® Windows, Anderson® Windows, Jeld-Wen® Windows, and Pella® Windows experienced contractor.

Generally speaking, window and door repairs are a fairly easy. However, you should consider a certified installer to properly the weather barrier that goes around where the door or window is installed. SFW Construction specializes in these types of installations and we exceed industry standards new home builders follow.