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Common Signs of Wood Rot Around A Window

In the exceedingly moist climate of the Pacific Northwest, wood rot in homes is a widespread occurrence. Window frames are especially vulnerable places for wood rot to develop because rain and moisture tend to collect around windows without proper flashing. Additionally to wood rot, developing water can seep through cracks in the window frame sealing, causing increased damage.

Why It Is Important to Fix Rotted Wood

Depending on the year and style of home you have, the issue could present itself differently. Older homes constructed of hardwood are more susceptible to wood rot. In contrast, newer homes featuring vinyl or aluminum window framing tend to be more weather resistant. Recognizing and repairing rotted wood around windows requires a professional if you want to help preserve the integrity and value of your home.

Indications of Rotted Wood Around a Window

The most common signs of wood rot around a window correspond with those of a window frame that is dilapidated. That is, peeling paint, cracks in the structure, irregular-looking wood surfaces, and wood sections beginning to crumble. Window frame paint that appears wavy or bubbled is another good sign of wood rot. Wood swells and warps when inundated with moisture, which leads to rot. Broken or damaged caulking also allows water to seep into the frame and your home.

On the inside of the home, a leaky window frame is another sign of wood rot which causes the frame to bow and not adjoin appropriately with the window. You might also see portions of the wall beneath the frame that are darker in color, indicating moisture that has permeated the wall. Slight discoloration of the window frame and windows that do not open and close easily are additional indications of wood rot in the frame. These conditions deleteriously impact the function of the window.

However, some signs of wood rot require a closer inspection to detect. If you suspect wood rot in your window frame, you can press a pocketknife or screwdriver into the sill or the lower portions of the window frame. If the wood has a spongy texture to it, there is definitely rotted wood in the frame. You can further gauge the extent of the rot by pushing the screwdriver into the spongy surface to see how deep it is.

Repairing Rotted Wood Around Windows is Essential

It is imperative to repair rotted wood; otherwise, the rot will compromise the wood structure of your window frame. If decay spreads around the window and window frame, it makes it less sturdy, less safe, and less effective. A rotted window frame will increasingly fail to protect your home from the wet weather and is not as effective as a wholesome frame at keeping out the cold.

Wood rot is not a static condition. Instead, it is an active phenomenon that progresses by gradually spreading throughout your window frame and eventually into the wood structure of your home. So repairing your rotted window frame is as equally important to preserving the integrity of the frame as it is to maintain the health of your home.

The CDC suggests repairing any leaks in your home as an immediate action to deter wood rot. Wood rot around any windows means moisture has permeated the frame and is likely to advance into the structure of your home. Rotted window frames eventually lead to leaks because they continually degrade the seals of the window frame and allow moisture to seep into the house. Catching wood rot around your windows early in the process will prevent the deterioration from spreading into the structure of your home, where it can inflict more significant damage.

A Contractor You Can Trust

SFW Construction is a premier home repair and restoration company comprised of seasoned wood rot experts. We have served hundreds of happy homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest for decades. As your local contractor, we provide free wood rot consultations for your window frames and other repair work you may need. We are oriented to ensure the wise upkeep of your house which is essential to preserving your home and your health. Call today to speak with a wood rot expert and schedule a free wood rot consultation for your window frames.

How Wood Rot Works

Wood rot, professionally known as dry rot, is caused by a wood fungus. Dry rot thrives on moist or wet wood and proliferates like a disease by consuming wood components that make it strong and firm. Dry rot advances through producing spores that spread throughout all available sources of moist wood. The rot must be entirely eradicated through the extraction of affected wood and replaced with healthy wood or a non-wood frame.

Health Risks of Wood Rot

Rotted wood around a window frame can eventually lead to mildew and mold, representing health hazards for you and your family. According to the CDC, not all people are sensitive to molds. However, those who are can develop health problems when exposed to molds, including stuffy nose and wheezing, red or itchy eyes, and itchy skin. People with allergies to molds and those with asthma can experience more intense reactions, such as fever and shortness of breath.

Persons with compromised immune systems and chronic respiratory diseases are also more susceptible to mold-based fungal infections. Such individuals can experience difficulty breathing and are at increased risk of infection when exposed to molds. These health hazards are another excellent reason to have your home inspected for rotting wood around your window frames.

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