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Our willingness to perform targeted siding repairs over siding replacement projects sets us apart from other contractors. We are experts at integrating new siding materials with existing materials—resulting in a seamless match. If you’re looking for a professional solution to prevent your house from leaking or rotting in the future, look no further. This approach is quicker and less expensive than replacing your siding.

Don’t delay. Neglecting minor siding repairs will cost you down the road.

Why Homeowners Choose SFW Construction

Quality, Communication, Targeted Repairs

When our clients talk, we listen. It’s that simple. They tell us they love our quality, communication, and willingness to do targeted siding repairs because it saves them time and money. We also strive to be responsible stewards of your property and keep our job sites clean and neat, during, and after the project.

Our clients appreciate and choose our company because of our ability to do it all. When making siding repairs to your home, you never know what you are going to find. At SFW Construction, we are also experts in all facets of the job, so we won’t need to hire sub-contractors to complete the work. We have 7 locations and service over 100 cities between Salem and Seattle.

“SFW Construction located and repaired a window leak. They were quick to respond and the workers they sent were experienced and professional and did great work! Highly recommend!”

03/2023 • John R., Portland, Oregon

“They helped take out some exterior wood rot around a window on my house and it took ‘em a day to get it all worked out. The work was well done!”

01/2023 • Jeff W, Portland, Oregon

“Kyle and Jason did a great job repairing our south wall. Their craftsmanship was high quality and they worked quickly, and always kept us informed. This was a large, unexpected expense for us; so there was no way it was going to be a pleasant experience regardless. But Kyle and Jason made it about as pleasant as possible.”

01/2023 • Aaron G, Gearhart, Oregon

“Angel was great to work with. Even with all the surprises behind my siding, he kept me updated and provided options and recommendations on repairs. His experience showed how efficient and clean the work was. I would hire SFW Construction again for any future siding repairs. A+”

12/2022 • Carlos S, Salem, Oregon
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Why Siding Repairs Are Important

Repairs are one of those things that many contractors are not interested in doing. There is more money in new construction and complete replacements than there is in repairs. Siding is the last layer of defense in your home’s building envelope system. Your siding protects your moisture barrier, flashing, and other waterproofing components. The Pacific Northwest has a wet climate, and it is critical to keep all that moisture out of your home. If water can move past your building envelope, it can lead to other issues. Such as:

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What Happens If You Neglect Your Siding

Damaged siding can lead to more severe issues, such as dry rot. It’s essential to have your siding repairs taken care of as soon as possible by a qualified, experienced siding repair contractor. Siding defects and damages can be a direct path to moisture intrusion.

Bulk water entering your home can cause mold and mildew. It is also essential to hire a siding repair contractor that specializes in siding repairs and all of the related issues discovered during the siding repair process. The solution is to contact SFW Construction and have us repair the damage to Oregon’s Siding Repair Code now before it turns into a bigger much more expensive problem. 

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How Homeowners Can Recognize Siding Issues

SFW Construction would be happy to discuss any exterior home siding issues you have. Our team of professionals is standing by ready to help. If you think you have a siding failure or damage on your house, take some pictures with your phone and give us a call for a free consultation. Here are some signs and conditions of siding failure or damage that homeowners can recognize. Here is what to look for:

  • Crumbly, failing, or missing caulking

  • Warped or cracked siding pieces

  • Dry rot on your siding or trim

  • Mushrooms or mold on your siding or trim

  • Woodpecker holes or critter damage

  • Plants and shrubs against your siding

Siding Repair

Siding Repair -VS- Siding Replacement

There is a significant distinction between the need for repair versus the need for total replacement. Many homeowners are sold complete siding replacements they don’t need. If your goal is to change the look of your home’s exterior you may want a full replacement. However, it isn’t always necessary or cost-effective.

Targeted siding repairs are much more technical and challenging to get right. During complete siding replacement, a siding contractor removes all of your siding, trim, and waterproofing materials. Integrating new siding rain screens and flashings into an existing system is very tricky. It takes an expert, like SFW Construction, that specializes in this specific skill. Siding contractors even contact us to provide this service before the new siding is installed.

Pacific Northwest Dry Rot And Siding Repair Contractor

SFW Construction works at above industry standards and uses only the best products on your home. We professionally treat them for wet weather-related conditions. As exterior home and commercial building experts, our teams are skilled and certified to detect, correct, and install the best materials. We have been in the business of repairing damaged or improperly installed siding, weather resistant barriers, and building envelope related problems since 2005.

If your siding has failed and you have water intrusion, we are also expert dry rot remediation specialists. We do interior and exterior dry rot repair services right the first time saving you time and money—while protecting your home. Exterior dry rot most commonly destroys the plywood or particleboard that goes on top of the wooden beams of your roof and wood-framed support walls.