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Think AI Can Nail It? Here’s Why AI Can’t Replace Skilled Carpenters

09/20/2023|Categories: Dry Rot Repairs, General Contractor, Siding Repairs, Trending|

4-Minute Read At SFW Construction, we specialize in high-quality exterior home repairs. In an era where AI like ChatGPT is automating many jobs, we stand by the irreplaceable skill and craftsmanship of our trained carpenters. From adaptability to emotional intelligence, discover five reasons why human expertise remains unmatched in carpentry.

Boston Bathroom Remodel Trends Of 2023

08/23/2023|Categories: Boston General Contractor|


2023 is the year for bathroom remodels in Boston, focusing on spa-like tranquility over mere utility. Trends include large walk-in showers with open space and natural light, and the move away from oversized bathtubs to make room for other luxuries. The aim is to create a personalized oasis blending form and function.

Expert Insight: Dry Rot Repair Essentials

06/09/2023|Categories: Dry Rot Repairs, Trending|


Jerry Goshaw, Senior Structural Restoration Consultant for SFW Construction, is a seasoned home restoration pro who specializes in structural dry rot repairs. He likens his work to detective's work—identifying the extent of rot, removing affected areas, and implementing preventative measures. 'It’s about honoring the home’s aesthetic while making it stronger and safer,' he says."

Why Do Woodpeckers Damage Homes?

05/02/2023|Categories: Siding Repairs|Tags: |


Woodpeckers damage home siding, chimneys, and trim. Every Spring about this time, we get calls and emails from homeowners in the Pacific Northwest to repair bird damage caused by Woodpeckers and Flickers. Most damage takes less than a day to repair, but left unchecked–can turn into thousands of dollars of damage.

Recognizing And Repairing Termite Damage To Your Home

05/01/2023|Categories: Boston General Contractor|


A termite damage repair contractor is crucial for homeowners facing infestations, as these silent destroyers can compromise a home's structural integrity. Enlisting a professional termite damage repair contractor for damage assessment, wood replacement, and preventative measures helps protect homes from costly repairs and further damage.

3-Step Targeted Siding Repair Process

04/13/2023|Categories: Dry Rot Repairs, Siding Repairs|


Our targeted siding repair process is unique, as we focus only on the damaged areas of your home. This targeted siding repair process has several advantages over comprehensive repairs that address all areas of your home. We save you time and money by isolating the source of water intrusion—eliminating it, and surgically repairing only the affected areas.