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TimberTech -vs- Trex: Which is Better?

07/10/2024|Categories: Deck Repairs, Trending|


Discover the unmatched durability and stunning aesthetics of TimberTech decking. Ideal for any home, it offers long-lasting quality, a variety of styles, and minimal maintenance. Choose TimberTech for a sustainable, stylish solution that enhances your outdoor space while standing up to the elements, ensuring your deck remains a centerpiece of your home.

Why Is My Vinyl Siding Melting?

07/02/2024|Categories: General Contractor, Siding Repairs, Trending|


Is your vinyl siding starting to warp or melt? This common issue, especially in the Pacific Northwest, can damage your home's appearance. Understanding the causes, such as heatwaves, reflective windows, and barbecues, is key. Learn how to prevent and address melting vinyl siding to keep your home looking great and well-protected.

How to Identify Rot on Your Home

06/25/2024|Categories: Dry Rot Repairs, General Contractor|

Dry rot is a destructive fungal decay that targets wood, causing severe structural damage. Learn to recognize the signs, including spongy wood and discoloration, to prevent serious issues. Regular inspections and addressing moisture are crucial in combating this silent adversary and protecting your home.

Dry Rot Repair: Estimate or Time and Materials

04/24/2024|Categories: Dry Rot Repairs, General Contractor|


When it comes to home maintenance, few issues are as deceptive and destructive as dry rot. This fungus quietly destroys the structural integrity of your home, often hidden from plain sight. Addressing dry rot effectively requires an understanding of its elusive nature. Last year, we looked into why it is difficult to estimate the cost.

What Is Fiber Cement Siding

04/10/2024|Categories: General Contractor, Siding Repairs|

Fiber cement siding combines durability with aesthetic versatility, offering a resilient, low-maintenance exterior that mimics wood, stucco, or masonry. James Hardie leads with sustainable, fire-resistant materials that withstand extreme weather, pests, and time. Ideal for homeowners seeking style without compromise, it's an investment in your home's safety, comfort, and curb appeal. Choose sustainability and durability with James Hardie.

Carpenter Ant and Termite Damage Repair Guide

03/26/2024|Categories: General Contractor|


Discover essential strategies for identifying and addressing carpenter ant and termite damage in Oregon and Washington. Learn the signs of infestation, the importance of professional extermination, and why timely repairs are crucial. Protect your home's structure and ensure its safety with our comprehensive guide, tailored for the Pacific Northwest. Start safeguarding your property today.

Can You Finance Home Repairs?

02/27/2024|Categories: General Contractor|

Home maintenance can demand urgent attention, often at inconvenient times. This challenge extends to financing repairs. Fortunately, homeowners have several options, including bank loans, government programs, and direct financing through SFW Construction. Each option offers different advantages, from low-interest government loans to flexible financing plans tailored to a wide range of credit scores, ensuring access to necessary funds for repairs.

Are There Temporary Fixes For Leaking Windows?

02/14/2024|Categories: Window Repairs|

Leaking windows can cause dry rot, mold, and health risks. This article suggests some temporary fixes, such as caulking, weather stripping, window film, and absorbent materials. However, these are not enough to solve the problem. You need a professional evaluation and repair to prevent further damage and save money in the long run.

Home Renovation Trends of 2024

02/01/2024|Categories: General Contractor|

Discover the latest home renovation trends for 2024 with SFW Construction. Dive into the evolution of home improvements that blend functionality and style. From transforming starter homes into forever homes to fortifying against extreme weather and revitalizing with a fresh coat of paint, explore innovative approaches shaping the 2024 home improvement landscape. Your dream home awaits!

A Tree Fell On My House, Now What?!

01/18/2024|Categories: General Contractor|

Experiencing a tree fall on your home in Portland? Our blog guides you through safety steps, damage documentation, insurance claims, and selecting the right contractor. SFW Construction provides comprehensive repair services for effective recovery from winter storm damage. We ensure your home's quick and thorough restoration, enhancing its resilience against future challenges.