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SFW Construction is a Portland, Oregon siding contractor specializing in siding repair and replacement. We are your go to dry rot repair company!

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Do You Have A Siding Repair or Dry Rot Project We Can Help With?

Founded in 2005 and with a long and growing list of stellar reviews from our satisfied customers, SFW Construction is the Pacific Northwest’s leading siding repair contractor specializing in dry rot repairs.

Dry Rot is the Leading Cause of Damage in Wood Structures.

We offer a final solution to dry rot by isolating the source of moisture intrusion and repairing the rotted structure.

Cut it Out Before it Spreads!

With surgical precision our dry rot repair service crews will safely cut out and eliminate your homes wood dry rot affected areas. Furthermore we have the experience and training to ensure that the water born fungus will never come back to harm you or your home again!

Industry Leading Dry Rot Repair Solutions

Roofing Problems Can Damage Your Home or Building.

With more locations and crews we are the best choice for the important job of repairing or replacing a variety of roofing for your home or property.

Get it Repaired Right, the First Time!

All of our construction teams are trained with safety and quality work in mind. You can trust SFW Construction to complete the job right because our workers are Dupont Tyvek and GAF roofing products certified installers.

Roofing Repair Solutions

Siding, Wood Framing and Structural Repair Work.

We are professionals at finding and fixing a variety of exterior siding, wood framing, and structural issues with your home.

If a screwdriver or knife can penetrate the wood on your structure you could have dry rot!

Weather common to Oregon and Washington can easily penetrate old or damaged roofs and siding exteriors of homes and cause dry rot in wood studs, beams, joists, rafters or trusses. This doesn’t mean you have to tear your house down and start over. All you have to do is contact SFW Construction.

Siding & Framing Repairs

Professionally Trained Window and Door Installers.

Safety and training to properly install windows and doors is the backbone of our success and customer referral network.

Improperly installed windows and doors are common sources of leaks that lead to dry rot and water damage.

The weather barriers around windows and doors are a common source for leaks that immediately cost home owners money on heating and cooling and over time are a top source for leaks that lead to dry rot, mold and structural issues. Our installers specialize in properly installing the weather barriers before the windows and doors go up to ensure a weather proof fit that will protect your property for years.

Windows & Doors Replacement

Why Choose SFW Construction

Let’s face it; there are lots of choices when it comes to general contractors in Portland, Seattle, and the greater Pacific Northwest.

The fact is none are more experienced in our trained and highly specialized areas of service. Exterior siding, window and door repairs, roofing, weather barriers, structural repairs, and a variety of specialty and hazardous jobs are what we’ve been doing every day for over 14 years.

When it comes to the moisture-induced plague of Dry Rot for wood homes, there is only one choice, and that’s SFW Construction.

Finally, with a dedicated interior & exterior paint division and multi-family siding repair division, few construction companies even come close. So if you need a reliable company with a proven track record for your PDX based general contractor repair and remodel work, look no further than the best.

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