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The main issue with chimney chases is that they are often added to the home last, so they often missing flashing, weather-resistant barriers, and sometimes the siding is nailed right to the framing. Another problem chimney chases face is the construction is not to the same standard as the rest of the house. Due to these issues, it’s easy for water to enter the structure and cause dry rot to form.

Keep The Rain Out Of Your Chimney

Chimney chases connect to many of the different home systems, the siding, the foundation, the roofing, the internal ducting, etc. So, it is of the utmost importance you hire a contractor who can repair all of these issues. Roof flashing issues can lead to dry rot, and that can lead to siding and framing issues

Portland Chimney Chase Repair
Chimney Chase Repair

The chimney on a home is exposed to elements inside and outside, leaving the area looking older and damaged. Smoke, heat, rain, tree debris, and animals are just a few of the reasons your chimney chase may need a repair. Especially on or around wood parts of the chimney chases as they are one of the more common areas for exterior repairs. Having your chimney repaired correctly means less external debris which, will allow your chimney to function at its standard capability, safely and efficiently. If you need a professional chimney repair contractor, contact SFW Construction today.

Common Chimney Chase Problems

By hiring a professional chimney repair contractor you get someone that can assess the situation correctly and do the repair right.

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Why Do Chimney Chases Have So Many Issues?

  • The chimney was often added to the home last
  • Chimney chases are not constructed to the same standard as the rest of the house
  • They are often missing essential steps during the installation process
  • Due to these issues, it’s easy for water to enter the structure and cause dry rot to form
  • Due to their height, the Chimney chases are often missed during routine home maintenance
  • Chimney Chases are often not built on the same foundation as the home