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Dry Rot Repair is critical for homes in the Pacific Northwest

SFW Construction is Portland & Seattle’s premier dry rot repair contractor. For the last 15 years, SFW Construction has performed more dry rot repairs than any other Portland contractor. What sets us apart is offering a final solution to dry rot. We achieve that by isolating the source of moisture intrusion, repairing the rotted structure, and flashing and waterproofing the repair so the dry rot cannot reoccur. As wet as it is in our region it is critical to eradicating wood rot and fungal growth.

What is wood rot and how does it affect your home?

Dry rot is the leading cause of damage in wood structures in and around the PDX area. Dry rot, which is sometimes called “brown rot,” “wood rot,” and “wet rot” can lead to even more issues like mold and mildew. This is because dry rot is actually a fungi which can grow with no obvious source of moisture. In fact, this strange fungi can actually be fed by moisture in the air! This makes dry rot difficult to spot prior to it spreading and near-impossible to predict. As it spreads, the fungi literally eats away at the wood leaving it dark and crumbly. At that point you can even crush the wood into small chips or powder with your bare hand! Unfortunately, once dry rot begins spreading within a structure, it doesn’t stop.

Dry rot repair can fix this deck!

Bad things can happen when dry rot repairs and prevention are neglected.

Where can dry rot be found?

As dry rot can infiltrate your home via interior and exterior sources and infest any wood structure, it can be found virtually anywhere in the home. It’s more likely to take hold where moisture is likely to be present, but you can find it in posts, beams, kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, deck framing, deck boards, eaves, roofs, near damaged gutters, foundations, sill plates, window and door framing, siding, cripple walls and crawl spaces, among others. Spotting rot is not always easy, but there are some things you can look for.

Signs that you may have a wood rot problem:

  • You notice wood beginning to shrink, darken, or crack.
  • You can easily penetrate wood surfaces with a screw driver.
  • There is a musty odor present. Dry rot thrives in damp environments and a musty smell is a potential indicator of fungus.
  • Wood surfaces are covered in something resembling the skin of a mushroom, or mold.
  • Floors, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen, feel “springy” or creak when you walk on them.

If any of these signs are present, it’s imperative that you arrange to have a dry rot expert take a look. Ignoring it just means the rot is likely to spread and a relatively minor issue can turn into a major one–with major associated costs!

dry rot repair on deck 4x4 post

Dry rot can grow in any wooden structure. Make sure your dry rot repair specialists find it all!

Dry rot repair as part of this Structural Damage - Roof Repair solutions.

Structural Damage caused by water infiltration.

For dry rot repairs, it’s important to use a specialist.

SFW Construction specializes in identifying dry rot issues and fixing them right. The first step is locating the SOURCE of the dry rot and performing whatever remediation necessary to prevent it from reoccurring. Then we’ll repair and/or replace the affected wood so that your house is as good as new. Very few Oregon contractors can match our experience when it comes to proper rot repair and remediation–in fact, we’re the company that THEY often call to handle their customers’ dry rot needs!

While dry rot is one of our specialties, being a full-service general contractor means that we have the ability to repair any other areas of the house affected by the rot too. For example, if the rot has damaged your siding, our siding professionals can replace or repair it as well as paint any affected areas after the repairs are made.

If there is damage to (or underneath) the roof, our top-notch roofing crew can take of THAT, as well. It’s easy to find a Portland siding contractor that offers one or two of these services, but SFW Construction excels at virtually any kind of home repair you might need.

Our customers like knowing that, when it comes to home repairs, they only need to deal with one contractor! SFW Construction specializes in identifying dry rot issues and fixing them right. The first step is locating the SOURCE of the dry rot and performing whatever remediation necessary to prevent it from reoccurring. Then we’ll repair and/or replace the affected wood so that your house is as good as new.

Very few Oregon contractors can match our experience when it comes to proper rot repair and remediation–in fact, we’re the company that THEY often call to handle their customers’ dry rot needs!

If you have dry rot, make sure it’s taken care of properly and doesn’t become a bigger problem down the line.

Contact Portland’s dry rot experts today and see why we’re known throughout the Portland, Oregon area and beyond as THE company to call for dry rot repairs!

Interior dry rot can be described as dry rot that has spread to the interior portion of the wood products in your home. Those that are behind the weather barrier and walls. Most importantly this could include the wood frames of your walls, ceilings, floors and around windows and doors as well as plywood and particle board on top of these support boards.

Moldy and Rotten Wood Treatment Inside Your Home.

Dry rot can enter the interior of your home in several ways.  The most common entry points for dry rot into your home are under siding, leaking windows and doors, or defective roofing.  How does dry rot begin in these areas?  It could be the result of improper material installment or simply the slow degradation of time.  Your windows may be improperly flashed or your siding may have been damaged by the elements, and all roofs will eventually leak.  In some cases the dry rot occurs in areas that are not even in contact with the exterior of your home.  Leaky pipes, faulty caulking around plumbing fixtures, and damp crawl spaces can lead to dry rot damage.  The trickiest thing about dry rot treatment is that all of this can be happening without your knowledge.

SFW Construction is the Pacific Northwest leader in dry rot repairs.

So what can be done about these discoveries and how do you go about fixing these potential problem areas?  SFW Construction LLC has answers.  These issues are often discovered during remodel projects of some kind.  Fortunately, SFW Construction has been doing interior and exterior remodeling for over ten years.

Our first mission, upon inspecting the area, is to assess the structural damage caused by the dry rot and discover the entry point for moisture that is causing the problem. We customize the best dry rot repair solution to solve your unique situation. After identifying areas affected by dry rot SFW Construction will take steps to re-mediate the rot.

Next we properly prepare the area to be repaired by erecting temporary dust and debris protection and support structural framing with temporary shoring. We understand it is your home and we take care to ensure that both the property in your home are protected as well as take careful consideration of plants, pets and children or family members who share your home and yard.

Next we remove ALL wood framing members and components with dry rot and treat those areas, cut edges, and cut ends with Copper Naphthenate. These might be in your walls, floors or ceilings, but rest assured nothing is removed without the entire area being supported and everything protected from dirt and construction debris.

After we reconstruct and repair the area SFW Construction will identify and pinpoint the source problem that led to the initial rot and take the appropriate steps to ensure this issue doesn’t reoccur. This could involve the use of exterior siding replacement, roof shingle replacement, or repairing or replacing the building envelope or wrapping that goes on top of the wood and under the siding or shingles.

Rest assured that all of our crew members are background checked, certified as professional installers by the building material product manufacturer and go through rigorous training and safety training prior to setting foot on your property.

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After Treating Dry Rot we only use Professional Roofing, Siding and Weather Resistant Barrier Products to prevent it’s return.

Here are some of the brands our teams are professionally trained and certified to install. This ensures proper fitment, durability and that the work and materials are warranted against defects and damages.

DuPont Tyvek.

Certified Tyvek installer dry rot repair is preventable!

This is the building envelope or wrapper that creates a barrier between moisture and the precious wood below. An industry standard for ensuring that water won’t penetrate the precious wood underneath your siding. Use it or lose it!

James Hardie Siding & Trim.

James Hardie Siding is an excellent dry rot repair preventive solution!

We are proud of our teams certifications to install a variety of industry leading James Hardie exterior siding materials. Easy to maintain and built to withstand Pacific Northwest weather for years!

We do interior and exterior dry rot repair pair service right the first time. This saves you money and protects your home. Exterior dry rot most commonly destroys the plywood or particle board that goes on top of the wooden beams of your roof and wood framed support walls. Certainly it can also attack the exposed portion of wood that hangs over the house as part of the roof eaves. This portion of wood has greater exposure to the outside environment.


Our Seattle Washington office is now open!

SFW Construction now offers Dry Rot Repair Services From Seattle to Salem, with satellite offices in Seattle and Renton Washington to serve you and protect and repair your wood framed homes & buildings from age, and weather related problems.

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Exterior Rot Repair Company Services.

Rot can destroy both the interior and exterior of a structure.

Exposed structures like decks or improperly flashed roofs and walls can quickly become infested with dry rot fungus.

There are several exterior areas around your home commonly affected by fungal wood rot.

  1. Roof flashing is a common entry point for moisture to enter your roof system. This can lead to dry rot, costly roof repairs, and/or roof replacement.
  2. Areas around the gutters, even when installed correctly, can become loosened by debris and wind or simply clogged. Unfortunately as a result water can drain back over the lip of the gutter and onto the wood sheathing beneath the roofing of your home.
  3. Areas beneath the siding of your home can be affected by several factors as well.  If your windows have not been properly flashed, damage may occur in the form of rot.  In the picture above you can see the damaged wood beneath the siding just below the window.  Therefore it is important that the siding is properly installed or inspected for damage.  Any of these entry points for water can cause exterior dry rot.

PDX based SFW Construction is the Northwest leader in DRY ROT REPAIR.  This generally entails removing the areas of rotten structure, treating the area with copper naphtenate, and reconstructing.  Most importantly before completing the repair, we always make sure that all entry points for water are eliminated.  This ensures that the dry rot will not return.

Dry Rot Repair Videos for the Pacific Northwest Service Area.

From Seattle to Salem we service with care and quality work a large variety of wood framed homes. We professionally treat them for wet weather related and old age related conditions. As exterior home and building experts our teams are skilled and certified to detect, correct and install the best materials. We have nearly 15 years of repairing damaged or improperly installed weather resistant barriers and building envelope related problems.

Watch these dry rot videos. Learn more about detecting dry rot and how SFW Construction treats it as part of its structural repair service offerings.

Watch our dry rot videos for a more in depth look at the wood rot borne fungus. This Wikipedia dry rot page details more information about the fungus that causes wood dry rot.


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