Our Favorite Portland Paint Brands

There are a lot of good paints on the market these days and if you already have a brand that you like we can certainly accommodate those needs.  That said, we do have a few paint products that we recommend and, of course, we like to stay local whenever possible.  These Portland Oregon paint brands are high quality that have stood the test of time and have shown themselves to be a cut above many of the other products we have tried.

Rodda Paint Horizon

Rodda Paint - Horizon

Rodda Paint – Horizon

Rodda Horizon is one of the earliest Portland Oregon paint brands to truly perfect a ‘green’ or environmentally friend paint product.  It boasts no VOC’s for it’s interior paint and extremely low VOC’s for its exterior paint.  These are, of course, important factors.  VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound and these are generally not something you want lingering around your home.  However, the real question is, how does it perform?  Review after review (and our own testing) have shown that this high quality paint stands the test of time, goes on smooth and thick with a better than average coverage rate, and does it all with almost no odor whatsoever.  If using quality paint that focuses on being environmentally friendly is important to you, look no further than Rodda Horizon.

Sherwin-Williams Emerald

Sherwin Williams - Emerald

Sherwin Williams – Emerald

Although not technically a Portland brand, Sherwin Williams is a popular choice among Portland painting contractors and its stores can be found all over Oregon.  Sherwin Williams Emerald paint is an exterior & interior acrylic latex paint renowned for its stain blocking technology.  In fact it’s considered best-in-class for performance in the stain blocking category.  This can be especially useful on lighter colors or those walls in your kids room that tend to get a little bit messier than the rest of your home.  The stain blocking technology in this paint literally stops stains from penetrating thus practically eliminating water streaking, scuff marks, spotting, and just about anything else you can throw at it!  Emerald also has such a good coverage rate that it can even go right over a darker color.  How many paints can offer that?

Miller Paint – Evolution

Miller Paint - Evolution

Miller Paint – Evolution

Miller Paint has been around for a very long time and, like Rodda and SFW Painting, is a local company.  Miller Paint has done it right with Evolution, a truly perfect interior paint when it comes to color and texture.  The Evolution series boasts many unique and high quality finishes in a wide variety of modern colors.  The artist in you will adore these rich textures and thick smooth coating that Miller Paint offers.