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We are the Pacific Northwest leader in commercial and multi-family repair. With our experience in the correct reconstruction of all facets of the building envelope, we can save you time and money. From apartments to townhomes to retail buildings and beyond, we are experts at repairing damaged structures and making them sound again.

Commercial, HOA, Multi-Family Repair:

SFW Construction has an unmatched commitment to quality work and client satisfaction. Whether it is a small or large commercial repair project, we aim to set the bar high with our professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service.

“The SFW team was very professional from the office staff down to the workers and did an amazing job residing our townhomes. We’ll definitely be using them again for future commercial repair projects.”

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With the climate we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest, we deal with a large number of wet weather conditions. The cold and rainy weather can diminish a commercial building’s curb appeal, and if not properly maintained or repaired, can result in costly repair bills. Every crack, dent, or ding could be enough damage to compromise the integrity of your siding and let moisture find a path behind it. With new low maintenance commercial siding options available, siding repair and replacement is an excellent decision to protect your investment.

The benefits of getting your siding repaired or replaced with SFW include:

  • An updated weather-resistant barrier installed by the building envelope professionals
  • You have less maintenance cost on newly installed siding
  • New high-efficiency materials could save money on energy costs
  • Upgraded look and feel of the building

Structural damage can diminish the ability of any building to maintain sound structural integrity. One of the challenges we face when dealing with this problem is these conditions often exist undetected or hidden behind siding systems. So, dry rot can deteriorate framing, plywood sheathing, and structural components, all while going unnoticed. Damage can continue to increase and spread throughout the structure for years before someone becomes aware of it.

SFW Painting has the experience, skillset, understanding, and high-quality equipment to paint any multifamily community, apartment, or business complex. We know the process, the materials needed, and how to get the job done right. It takes a team that has experience working on large-scale projects with a proven track record of working cohesively and efficiently as a unit. After completing many successful projects involving large scale crews, we know the best ways to stage material, waste, equipment, so the residents and occupants do not get disrupted in their day to day activities.

A construction defect is typically defined as a defect in the design, materials, or workmanship that fails to construct the building using best practice or industry standard. Another way to describe a construction defect could also mean that something failed to perform in a manner that is was intended for, usually resulting in financial hardship to the property owner.

Defective construction assembly is a significant detriment to the overall longevity and structural integrity of buildings and leads to diminished property value. Not only can this cause financial harm to the building owner(s), but it can also put the owners at risk of endangering occupants and tenants.

Destructive testing, or invasive testing, is a systematic process of deconstructing a property’s building components to examine the construction assemblies. This is an investigative process intended to test and document specific materials and applications to determine if they are functioning within best practices and industry standards, or if they are defective in function or design.

Whether a large project or small, we aim to set the bar extremely high for our competitors with our professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service. Our unmatched commitment to quality work and client satisfaction are the reasons you should choose SFW Construction for your next project.

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