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What Are Exterior Targeted Home Repairs?

Targeted home repairs focus on the source of your problem, rather than the treatment of your problem. Many contractors will simply patch damaged siding with new siding, or worse sell you a complete re-siding project—and call it good. On the other hand, SFW Construction investigates the underlying symtoms, usually dry rot that caused the siding to fail in the first place. We feel if the dry rot is cut out and your home is re-sealed to a higher standard than when it was built, it will provide a longer-lasting, more permanent solution. While onsite, we can investigate your entire home and make recommendations on what areas need to be fixed and what areas don’t. Chances are, most of your house is in good shape and there are just a few problem areas. If you have cracked siding, leaky windows or doors, schedule a targeted repair before it becomes a more costly problem.

Why Choose SFW Construction For Your Next Repair?

Simply put, it’s our ability to perform exterior targeted home repairs. We use our industry knowledge to perform high-quality exterior home repairs with top-grade materials and excellent workmanship. Being in business since 2005, we often hear from clients who tell us we were the only company that offered a lasting solution without a costly full siding replacement project. Most contractors are only looking to do large scale projects and will not take on small jobs. Or, they will do something even worse and try to make a small repair into a full replacement project.

SFW’s Exterior Targeted Home Repair Services

Next Steps For Your Targeted Home Repair?

If you end up needing a targeted home repair, SFW Construction will arrive at your project and conduct some discovery work until we determine the extent of the issue. We will discuss repair options with you that are centrally located to the issue and conduct the targeted repair resulting in a reasonably priced, long-lasting repair.

After the repair SFW painting will provide a paint match, so it looks like we were never there. Our painting crews blend colors so well that no one will be able to notice a difference between the repaired section and the area that surrounds it.

Save Money On Your Next Construction Project

SFW Construction is a full-service general contractor with over a decade of experience conducting targeted home repairs. Before you call another contractor, remember that you often do not require a full replacement for any exterior problems. Whether it be a leaking skylight, roof, door frame, or window. Don’t be tricked into a full siding replacement project, give SFW Construction a call today to learn more about our targeted home repair method and how we can help you save money on your next home repair.

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