Water Leaks From Ice Dam After A Snowstorm

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Water leaks from an ice dam can result in window and roof leaks after a snowstorm. Many times, you can see water leaking into your home from outside around window frames or where your ceiling meets your wall. This happens if your roof, siding, window flashing, or weather-resistant barrier is damaged.

Do Your Windows Leak When It Rains?

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Do you notice your windows leaking when it rains? Leaking windows cause household damages. A leaking window presents many household complications. Unwanted water seeping into your home and down your walls can cause structural and property damages as well as electrical hazards. Sopping wet carpet is not healthy, and wet floors are slippery and present potential slip and fall situations. Keeping warm and dry is a priority, as is keeping the rain and moisture outside of your home.

Leaking Sunroom

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A sunroom, also known as a solarium, is maybe the cleverest way to enjoy nature's beauty and the sun's warmth without leaving your enclosed dwelling. In Latin, the word solarium means “a place of sunlight,” – which is why solariums are also referred to as sunrooms. The solarium is an enclosed room constructed of glass. Whichever term you use, the glass is so thick it enables the sunlight to heat the space even in the colder months of winter.

Fix Leaky Siding

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From the looks of it, your siding appears to be the main barrier that keeps rain from permeating your home. While siding sheds water away quickly, without other essential safeguards and layers of protection, siding can't control the rain from seeping into the structure or interior of your home. And like any other building materials, siding ages and weathers with time and eventually breaks down and falls apart.

What Is A Building Envelope?

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Your home's building envelope is all of the exterior elements that maintain a dry, heated, or cooled indoor environment. Building envelope design involves both architectural and engineering practices that draw from all areas of homebuilding.