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Your Windows Leak When It Rains For A Reason

Improper Window Flashing Or Lack Of Flashing Is The Usual Suspect

Do you notice your windows leak when it rains? Rain and wet weather are perpetual conditions in the Pacific Northwest. You need to keep warm and dry. Therefore, keeping the rain and moisture outside of your home is a priority. Inevitably, window leaks occur and can range from mildly bothersome to downright dangerous. For these reasons, it’s essential to know why your window is leaking, be aware of the severe problems it can cause, and learn how to effectively fix the problem. Lack of window flashing or improperly installed window flashing is the root cause of most window leaks.

You can stop your windows from leaking by calling SFW Construction, the most reputable window repair company serving the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Likewise, we can help waterproof your home; preserve its integrity and value, as well as safeguard your health from humidity related hazards.

The Damage Leaking Windows Can Cause

First of all, we need to understand why a leaking window is problematic and could be a sign of other problems in your home structure. Suppose you live in the Pacific Northwest, where it rains on average 156 days in a year. In that case, you will want to make sure your home is built to last, waterproof, and ready to handle any of the different elements that could damage or enter the house.

  • Leaking windows cause household damages. A leaking window presents many household complications. For example, unwanted water seeping into your home and down your walls can cause structural and property damages as well as electrical hazards. Beyond that, sopping wet carpet is not healthy, and wet floors are slippery and present potential slip and fall situations.
  • Leaking windows lead to wood rot and mold. The build-up of water around your window, wall, floorboards, or floor can lead to mold and dry rot problems. Conversely, rotting wood becomes malfunction and can spread throughout your home, causing deterioration and decay in the case of dry rot. Likewise, mold is a severe health hazard for many people. It can cause or worsen a range of respiratory problems, including asthma.
  • Leaking windows may indicate siding or roofing leaks. Leaking windows are not only problematic in and of themselves; they may also show leaks in your siding or roof, which will necessitate repair. For example, the build-up of moisture in the inner walls of your home can cause structural wood rot or mold. In other words, this can lead to deterioration and decay, as well as compromising the structural integrity of your home. In either case, you will benefit from the professional home repair and window repair services offered by SFW Construction.
  • Leaking windows reduce the aesthetic appeal and home value. Leaking windows may lead to discolored walls around the window frame or mold and mildew on it. In either case, the aesthetic charm of your home is compromised, as is its value, longevity, and desirability.
  • Leaking windows increase heating and cooling costs. Simultaneously, a leaking window may be due to ruptures in the sealant that protects your home from the outside weather. It can indicate an opportunity for cold air to come in during the winter and your heat to escape. Undoubtedly, fixing this problem makes your home run more efficiently and reduces these household costs.

Some Problems That Cause Leaking Windows

Leaking windows are common in older homes due to the natural deterioration process. However, leaking windows occur in newer homes too. They are typically caused by problems in three main areas: design, installation, and lack of proper maintenance.

  • Problem Area #1: Poor House Design. Homes designed with small or no overhangs are more prone to leaking windows. As a result, when the board above your window, known as the fascia, is angled towards the window, it will become more inundated with rain and likely to leak more quickly. Home design problems or construction defects are easily solved by SFW Construction via home renovation work specifically tailored to meet your unique home design needs.
  • Problem Area #2: Inadequate Window Installation. A window must be properly installed to keep the moisture out effectively. Any gaps in the window flashing enable water to get inside your home. For example, an installation that only uses a housewrap without window flashing is very ineffective because it will allow moisture to penetrate the wall around the window. On the other hand, proper window installation, with perfect sizing, premium window flashing, and reliable sealant, is essential to fix this problem.
  • Problem Area #3: Lack of Maintenance. All aging homes experience deterioration around the windows. Caulking may get loose and begin to peel away. Glazing becomes cracked and vulnerable to moisture, and the paint that seals the window molding can disintegrate. Good home maintenance requires attending to these eventualities. Window frames also wear down and deteriorate with repeated use and need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Structural problems also cause leaking windows. Ruptures or gaps in your siding, as well as loose roofing or an unsealed chimney, may also cause leaking windows. Having a professional window repair technician at SFW Construction inspect your home for all possible unsealed areas will provide the most accurate assessment and solution to leaking windows.

Long-Lasting Window Leak Repairs

The most important step to correctly repair a leaking window is to have your window and window frame examined by a professional window repair specialist. SFW Construction is experienced in inspecting leaking windows, diagnosing the full extent of the problem, and implementing window repair strategies that work long-term. If the leak doesn’t get repaired correctly, your windows will continue to leak when it rains, creating additional damage.

Professional Window Flashing Is The Solution!

Having your window and window frame appropriately installed with quality window flashing is essential to creating a waterproof home. Window flashing entails using construction materials to prevent water from inundating your window by directing the water away from the window frame. Whether high winds blowing rain at sharp angles against your home or the sheer force of a constant deluge of heavy rain, window flashing is the only way to ensure that your home is not permeated by moisture. Effectively sealing your window requires flashing that guides the flow of water away from the window.

Stop Your Windows From Leaking Today!

SFW Construction is the top-rated window repair and home renovation construction company in the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, as a licensed general contractor in tandem with window repair, we regularly provide full-scale carpentry, siding repair, roofing, and structural renovation. Our knowledgeable crew of trained professionals is thoroughly experienced in all manner of construction. All in all, we can handle any home repair needs that are associated with your window repair service.

For more information on leaking window repair contact us today.