Areas We Commonly Use MasterSeal NP 1

BASF MasterSeal NP 1 Caulking, (formerly known as SONOLASTIC NP-1) is a Polyurethane Sealant that is one-component high-performance gun-grade moisture-curing polyurethane sealant designed for a wide range of sealing and caulking applications in active exterior joints. With 800% elongation, 350 psi tensile, and +/- 25% joint movement capability, NP-1 handles most every exterior application. NP-1TM requires no mixing and typically bonds to many materials without a primer, including concrete and masonry. NP1 dries with a smooth finish and is paintable.

Why We Use It

At SFW Construction, quality defines our reputation. We are known for our high-quality workmanship, and we’re not about risk our reputation by doing second rate work. That said, even the best craftsmen cannot deliver unless they are using the best products—even when it comes to caulking. We use MasterSeal NP 1 because it’s the best. It’s more expensive, but in the end, it will provide a longer-lasting solution.

Why MasterSeal NP 1 Is Better Than Its Imitators?

  • Extremely strong yet flexible
  • Easy application resulting in neater joints
  • Long-lasting weathertight seals
  • Can be painted, and does not require priming before painting
  • Superior holding power
  • Will not dry out in the sun

Contact SFW Construction For Your Home Repair Projects

SFW Construction has been in business since 2005, and we’ve had plenty of time to test and find the best materials for our wet weather climate. We don’t like doing work for our homeowners twice and revisiting them for repairs we’ve already completed. It’s why we always choose best-in-class products, like BASF MasterSeal NP 1 combined with superior workmanship when working on your home. So when you call SFW Construction, you are getting field-tested materials installed by highly experienced carpenters who care about what they do.

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