Carpenter Ant and Termite Damage Repair Guide

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Discover essential strategies for identifying and addressing carpenter ant and termite damage in Oregon and Washington. Learn the signs of infestation, the importance of professional extermination, and why timely repairs are crucial. Protect your home's structure and ensure its safety with our comprehensive guide, tailored for the Pacific Northwest. Start safeguarding your property today.

Repairing Rotted Wood Around Your Garage

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The garage feels like a distinctly American component of the modern home. It’s a place you can park your car, store your extra stuff, do the laundry, or even convert into a shop or casual hang-out space. However you use it, the garage is also the unique part of your home that marks the transition between the outside world and the inner sanctity of your dwelling, which makes it especially susceptible to garage rot – areas where wood surfaces and structures are rotting.