Home Renovation Trends of 2024

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Discover the latest home renovation trends for 2024 with SFW Construction. Dive into the evolution of home improvements that blend functionality and style. From transforming starter homes into forever homes to fortifying against extreme weather and revitalizing with a fresh coat of paint, explore innovative approaches shaping the 2024 home improvement landscape. Your dream home awaits!

A Tree Fell On My House, Now What?!

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Experiencing a tree fall on your home in Portland? Our blog guides you through safety steps, damage documentation, insurance claims, and selecting the right contractor. SFW Construction provides comprehensive repair services for effective recovery from winter storm damage. We ensure your home's quick and thorough restoration, enhancing its resilience against future challenges.

Do Your Windows Leak When It Rains?

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Do you notice your windows leaking when it rains? Leaking windows cause household damage. A leaking window presents many household complications. Unwanted water seeping into your home and down your walls can cause structural and property damage and electrical hazards. Sopping wet carpets is unhealthy, and wet floors are slippery and present potential slip and fall situations. Keeping warm and dry is a priority, as is keeping the rain and moisture outside of your home.

Repairing Dry Rot Around Leaking Window

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Windows are an essential component of the house you live in. As intermediaries between the outside and inside of your home, windows are especially vulnerable to large amounts of moisture. Any water damage around a window indicates that the frame is not functioning correctly or that water from the outside of the home is leaking inside—which will eventually cause the wood around your window frame to rot.