Proper Flashing Installation, Deck to Ledger Board

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Dry rot occurs when timber remains damp for an extended period, creating an environment for wood-destroying dry rot. Improper deck flashing is the main cause, as it allows water to enter the deck-home junction. Properly flashing the deck's ledger board where it meets the home is critical in preventing dry rot.

3-Step Targeted Siding Repair Process

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Our targeted siding repair process is unique, as we focus only on the damaged areas of your home. This targeted siding repair process has several advantages over comprehensive repairs that address all areas of your home. We save you time and money by isolating the source of water intrusion—eliminating it, and surgically repairing only the affected areas.

Repairing Rotted Wood Around A Window

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Windows are an essential component of the house you live in. As intermediaries between the outside and inside of your home, windows are especially vulnerable to large amounts of moisture. Any water damage around a window indicates that the frame is not functioning correctly or that water from the outside of the home is leaking inside—which will eventually cause the wood around your window frame to rot.

Repairing Rotted Wood Around Your Garage

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The garage feels like a distinctly American component of the modern home. It’s a place you can park your car, store your extra stuff, do the laundry, or even convert into a shop or casual hang-out space. However you use it, the garage is also the unique part of your home that marks the transition between the outside world and the inner sanctity of your dwelling, which makes it especially susceptible to garage rot – areas where wood surfaces and structures are rotting.

How Do You Properly Fix Dry Rot?

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Dry rot is a term that describes various stages of deterioration in wood which compromises its capacity to function properly in your home. Caused by a fungus that invades and feeds on moist or damp wood, dry rot can be more easily removed and the wood more readily repaired in its earlier stages.

How Dangerous Is Dry Rot?

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Dry rot is a widespread problem for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Often dry rot is hard to notice or detect because it tends to occur in the hidden inner structures of your home: beneath floorboards, inside crawl spaces, and behind walls.

Got Rot?

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Being in business since 2005, we often hear from clients that we are the only contractors who offered a lasting solution to water damage. Whether a customer has wood rot, a leaking window, window replacement, skylight repair, and/or other water damage occur to their house we are able to identify the targeted problem and solve the issue restoring your home to it's natural state or better.