How Dangerous Is Dry Rot?

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Dry rot is a widespread problem for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Often dry rot is hard to notice or detect because it tends to occur in the hidden inner structures of your home: beneath floorboards, inside crawl spaces, and behind walls.

Got Rot?

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Being in business since 2005, we often hear from clients that we are the only contractors who offered a lasting solution to water damage. Whether a customer has wood rot, a leaking window, window replacement, skylight repair, and/or other water damage occur to their house we are able to identify the targeted problem and solve the issue restoring your home to it's natural state or better.

Exterior Targeted Home Repairs

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Targeted home repairs focus on the source of your problem, rather than the treatment of your problem. Many contractors will simply patch damaged siding with new siding, or worse sell you a complete re-siding project—and call it good. On the other hand, SFW Construction investigates the underlying symptoms, usually dry rot that caused the siding to fail in the first place.

Structural Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction excels at structural dry rot and framing repair. Our company is widely recognized as THE company to handle dry rot. We believe we have set the standard in our transparent approach to these difficult and discovery-based projects.

Wood Decay

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Wood decay can be a big problem for both new and experienced homeowners but particularly plagues those of us who live in the often damp Pacific Northwest. Despite its colloquial name, dry rot is most often caused by communities of fungi growing in wood with high moisture saturation.