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Being in business since 2005, we often hear from clients that we are the only contractors who offered a lasting solution to water damage. Whether a customer has wood rot, a leaking window, window replacement, skylight repair, and/or other water damage occur to their house we are able to identify the targeted problem and solve the issue restoring your home to it’s natural state or better.

Most Homes In The Pacific Northwest Contain Dry Rot

Most construction companies or local contractors are only looking to work on large scale projects and don’t take on small, targeted areas of damage. This can make matters worse for you because sometimes something that could require minimal work turns into a large, multiple-day project. If you suspect you have dry rot call your local contractor today before the damage gets worse.

Got Rot? You Should Look To Repair It Right Away

SFW Construction specializes in Exterior Targeted Repairs!

We use our industry knowledge on repairing wood rot to remove siding, fix the damaged area, flash it correctly with DuPont Tyvek Drainwrap and re-side the targeted area with James Hardie siding. Our repair method provides a lasting fix helping you prevent any water damage that may occur in the future. After we finish with your repair we have a painting division, SFW Painting that can match the paint of your home with the new repair seamlessly.

Dry Rot Is Difficult To Spot and Impossible To Predict

Since dry rot occurs to the structure of your home it is difficult and impossible to predict the areas of damage. Finding where it spread, how far into the structure of your home it went and how bad the damage is, is something we specialize in. SFW Construction performs a 5-step process to ensure that the repair is done right protecting the structure of your home from any moisture that would reach the wood in the future.

If you have questions about dry rot or want to learn more about how wood rot affects your home reach out to a project coordinator to discuss any details.

Once Dry Rot Begins Spreading It Doesn’t Stop

Once dry rot starts spreading it’s important you get a professional to help you get the situation under control. After being in the industry since 2005, we are confident in our process to repair targeted areas of dry rot and prevent them from returning in the future. Our 5-step process includes the following phases; inspection, discovery, repair, cleanup and follow up. This process ensures your home will be restored to a healthy state, keeping the moisture out! If the repair is not done correctly you will continue to see wood decay and wish you would have hired someone who is well-respected for the repair work they provide.

SFW Construction Is The Contractor For You

SFW Construction is a full-service general contractor with over decade of experience conducting targeted dry rot repairs. Before you call another contractor, remember that you often do not require a large project to be performed at your house. Most of the time a targeted repair is all you need, saving you time and money.

Got Rot? If you suspect you have dry rot somewhere on your property give SFW Construction a call. A project manager will help you learn more about targeted dry rot repairs and explain how you can get the most out of your repair.

Got Rot?