With Oregon’s rainy season upon us lookout for water damage, dry rotroofing issues, and other home repair concerns that might delay or complicate the beauty of your home. If damage occurs around your windows, it may require a window replacement.

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Thinking About A Home Window Replacement?

There are several reasons why home window replacement is important. Owners want to replace the windows of their house that are leaking due to an installation error, upgrade to high-efficiency windows or just cosmetic reasons. New windows can save you a lot of money on energy bills and increase your home’s value substantially.

Installing New Windows

When installing new windows, it is very important that your new windows are tied into your homes weather resistant barrier. This is the most common misstep in “Do it yourself” jobs or local handyman installs.  A poor install on home window replacements can result in a large amount of damage caused by water intrusion.

Correct vs. Incorrect Window Installation

If the window is installed correctly following the highest industry standard the window can last for the life of the home with just minor maintenances needs. If the window is installed incorrectly you may see signs of serious damage as early as a few months under heavy rain. Due to the complexity of a window install, minor mistakes can cause costly repairs.

Home Window Replacement

So, if you’re planning on installing new windows yourself or calling a contractor for help insist the following installation steps are followed to insures a lasting replacement.