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Oregon Rainy Season is just a fact of life. We Oregonians understand that the wet weather is largely responsible for our state being so beautiful!

The problem for homeowners, however, is that moisture and unprotected wood equate to “no good.” If there are openings in the caulking around windows, for example, or in the siding or roofing, that creates an avenue for moisture to infiltrate your home’s exterior barrier and get to the bare wood underneath.

And that’s when you have a problem.

Moisture entering the home from Oregon’s rainy season creates the perfect environment for rot and/or mold to thrive. In either case, ignoring the problem will likely lead to much BIGGER problems down the road…and will be much more expensive to fix.

The moral of this story is, don’t procrastinate on those home repairs! If you notice damage to your home’s exterior, wherever it may be, get it taken care of early.

You will want to use a reputable company specializing in these kinds of home repairs, and having vast experience with dry rot too. The obvious choice there would be (can I have a drum roll, please?) SFW Construction, of course. :-)

Give us a call today and talk to us about your situation. Whether a minor issue or major structural damage, we will repair your home RIGHT so that Oregon’s wet season is no longer a cause for concern.