Pressure Washing Is Important

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Pressure washing is an important part of any painter's process. Due to the wet weather in Portland, we see siding often covered in mold, fungi, and other organisms. Although many of these micro and macroscopic organisms are harmless to your siding, they can cause paint adhesion to fail and that can cause It flaking. Pressure washing can wipe the years of grime off and give our painters a clean surface.

All Season Painting

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Why wait until summer to schedule your whole house exterior paint job. You might not realize we can successfully paint your home in all four seasons. That's right, all-season painting. All that's required is a few days of dry weather and temperatures above 45 degrees. Paintwork scheduled in the summer is also the most expensive.

Portland Exterior Paint

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Are you ready for Spring? SFW Painting can't wait!  This will be our best season yet as we gear up with all the new colors and new styles from all of your favorite Portland exterior paint brands. Our goal at SFW Painting is to ensure you are getting the top quality paint that you expect, coupled with unbeatable craftsmanship and attention to detail.