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Exterior Home Painters

Exterior Home Painters in Portland are filling up their schedules right now. SFW Painting is no exception to this rule. Summertime is the busy season. Every year it seems like everyone wants their home painted at the same time—early summer. That causes scheduling problems—especially if there is a particular date you want your house painted. If you wait too long to schedule your home’s exterior paint job, getting that specific date becomes much more difficult. Our best recommendation? Contact us now to schedule your exterior painting. Want another great option? Make your appointment early in May, before the seasonal rush begins.

Regardless of when you schedule your exterior paint job, you will receive the same attention to detail and top quality service. The only thing planning early changes is the likelihood that your home will get painted on the exact day you want it to get painted! Give us a call and book your appointment. Our local professional house painters will swing by and give you a free estimate and answer any questions you can throw at them. We love painting in high places. We paint trim, windows, doors, siding, decks, and anything else you can think of related to your home’s exterior. We can make suggestions but happy to work with colors your choose, and we use advanced airless sprayers to ensure an even coating that goes on quickly and smoothly.

Just remember, it may be rainy today but rest assured, that sun will soon be shining and when it does—everyone will have the same idea.