What Are Targeted Siding Repairs?

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SFW Construction is the Pacific Northwest leader in Targeted Siding Repairs (we even coined the phrase). Our carpenters are highly-skilled craftsmen who know home exteriors and waterproofing details better than anyone else. They can inspect and repair a damaged area of your home's exterior and finish the repair with a flawless integration into your existing material without the need to "fix" or replace the rest of your home's siding that is still in good shape. This saves you money by prolonging the cost replacing all of your home's siding.

Modern Home Future Proofing

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Today's homes are much more energy-efficient and built to last. The wood framing is often replaced with galvanized steel to avoid dry rot and water damage. The sealers and paints are long-lasting, nonvolatile, and eco-safe. In place of tar paper building envelopes, they are now right out of the space age and designed to wick away moisture and resist the wind from pushing moisture into your home. Roof shingles are made of more durable materials and last much longer.

Portland Handyman

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The motto here is, "We tackle the jobs the other guys won't." Our experienced, skilled carpenters always bring their "A" game to all of your home repair, replacement, and remodel jobs. Our Portland Handyman crews have the expertise and resources of a large construction company to get your job done right.