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Not All Home Repairs Are Created Equal

Everyone loves to do DYI home repairs. Often, you can do some YouTube research, maybe consult a handy friend and start your project. But, there are some exterior repairs that you want to rely on an expert. This may be due to equipment, safety issues, or skill involved. Below are five common repairs that require a professional.

1) Window And Door Leaks

When windows and doors leak, there is a chance for many systems to be affected. Suppose all the systems are not repaired correctly. In that case, the leak will return and continue to cause damage making a small leak repair into a major home repair. When homeowners try and conduct a DIY home repair most often, they caulk inside or the outside of the window or use an inferior caulking solution. This might stop the leak temporarily, but this is not a permanent repair. It locks the moisture into your home’s structure and causes dry rot to form which creates severe internal damage. A skilled and trained professional can assess the problem, conduct a targeted repair, and leave you with a quality longlasting home repair.

2) Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks are a common problem in the Pacific Northwest. Even a small leak that is caught early on can damage the roofing material, the sheathing, supports, and the ceiling inside your home. Not to mention, this can be a dangerous home repair if you do not have the proper safety equipment. So if you have a roof leak, it best to call a professional contractor to help you get your roof repaired correctly and safely.

3) Dry Rot Repair

If you observe dry rot on your home, the affected area may seem small and easy to repair. Still, dry rot can travel and often damages the materials underneath the siding or the studs inside the wall. You don’t want to start a project that you can’t complete, so call a professional to precisely cut out all the damaged material and build the wall back so you can rest comfortably knowing that the root cause of the issue has been addressed and repaired.

4) Water Barrier Installation Or Repair

Water-resistant barriers are one of the most critical parts of the exterior of your home. Your water-resistant barrier is the Tyvek type material under the siding of your home. This product needs to be installed by a trained and skilled carpenter. If there are any openings or areas installed incorrectly, this will result in additional water penetration.

5) Structural Deck And Ledger Board Repair

Having a beautiful large deck attached to your home might be great for entertaining your guests, but structural issues can be a hassle, not to mention a safety hazard. Suppose you notice dry rot damage on the structural components or ledger board. It is essential to consult a professional who can repair your deck and get it back to the safety and fun hangout spot for you and your guests.

Looking for more ideas on what you may need to be repaired? When you have some extra time, download and print the attached FREE Exterior Repair Checklist and walk the exterior of your home or just the areas you may be concerned with and see if you have any of the common home issues listed on the self-assessment repair checklist.

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