Targeted Siding Repairs Will Save Homeowners Money

Over the years, we’ve received many calls from homeowners who have small siding issues or a dry rot section starting to form that needs to be repaired. The rest of their home is in decent shape, and they’re looking to get a few more years out of the current siding. So, we developed a repair system and coined it, “targeted siding repairs.” Here’s how it works. We come out to the residence, inspect the area for any underline issues, remove the damaged areas, and repair the affected area. Then we integrate new waterproofing and weather resistant-barriers into the repaired area, install new siding material, and paint the siding to match. This system allows homeowners a cost-effective repair option that is a practical and permanent fix.

Targeted Siding Repair -vs- Full Siding Replacement

Unfortunately, some construction contractors use dishonest sales tactics to lead customers into expensive siding replacement projects—when a small siding repair will do the job.

That said, there are times when a siding replacement is a better option. Below are some examples when to search for a full siding replacement contractor:

A Handyman Is Just A “Temporary Fix”

When dealing with protection from the elements, it is essential to hire a contractor with the experience and skill set to conduct the repair. It permanently fixes the issue and backs the repair with a warranty. A handyman is great for a lot of small repairs around your house. Still, siding damage can affect several different exterior home systems, siding, weather-resistant-barrier, sheathing, and even your home’s structural components. With so much at stake, finding a skilled contractor that leads in the industry in targeted siding repair is step one.

Targeted Siding Repair Contractors

Siding Repair Contractors, like SFW Construction, focus on targeted areas—sometimes construction defects. We work to replace the damaged siding and any damage underneath. A repair like this costs a fraction of what it costs to re-side an entire home. Depending on the overall shape your siding is in, it may just require some targeted siding repairs, a fresh coat of paint, and it’ll look and function as good as new.

Why Choose SFW Construction

SFW Construction is the Northwest leader in Targeted Siding Repairs (we even coined the phrase). Our carpenters are high-skilled craftsmen who know home exteriors and waterproofing details better than anyone. First, we will inspect and repair the damaged area of your home. Next, we will finish the repair with a flawless integration into your existing materials without the need to “fix” or replace the rest of your home’s siding that is still in good shape. Since we know our crews are experts at conducting these repairs, we back our work with our warranty. So if you notice any damage to your home’s exterior and aren’t looking for a full siding replacement, give the targeted siding repair experts a call today!

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