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Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Handyman To Fix Your Dry Rot Problems

Most home repair projects require a licensed contractor, and dry rot is one type of project that does. When dealing with dry rot, no matter how complex the issue is, many different systems in the home can be affected if the area is not repaired correctly. A Handyman will tend to focus on the treatment of your dry rot issue and not consider other areas that might be compromised, like your weather-resistant barrier or structural components.

Failing To Fix Dry Rot Will Result In Long-Term Problems

We often get calls from frustrated homeowners to discuss repair work a handyman attempted to fix. Unfortunately, the handyman’s attempt to fix the issue only worsened the problem and cost the homeowner time and money. Dry rot repairs must be approached holistically, and only a skilled carpenter should be hired to do the job. A handyman can come in at an attractive price, but usually—doesn’t have the skillset or the proper tools to fix dry rot correctly.

First, You Need To Correct The Cause

Dry rot is caused by moisture intrusion, so if the water issue is not corrected, the repaired area will rot again. So, it is essential to hire a licensed contractor rather than a handyman to determine the root cause and conduct a targeted repair to stop the issue from recurring. Hiring a handyman might sound like a good deal today, but that could cost you later when the water comes back. Water intrusions can come from many different sources, roof leaks, insufficient weather-resistant barrier and flashing, window leaks, skylights leaks, and siding issues. So, hiring a contractor who specializes in dry rot and exterior home repairs is an absolute must.

Then, You Need To Repair All Affected Material

Because dry rot can show up in all the above-listed areas, it is vital to have someone that can fix the entire project. If you see dry rot around a window, that rot might go through the trim into the sheathing. Then, the dry rot can spread into the structure of the home. When you are dealing with an issue that might affect the structure and the safety of your family, its time to call an expert to repair it right—the first time. A handyman can remove and replace siding, but that does not fix the problem(s). If the root cause is not addressed, it hides the problem as it grows and causes a small issue to become a major structural repair.

Dry Rot Repair Pioneers

We are the leading siding contractor in the Pacific Northwest and tremendously well respected by homeowners and contractors to repair dry rot and waterproof your home, so it doesn’t come back. Our crews are meticulously trained to identify and mitigate the sources of dry rot resulting in a lasting flashing fix. No matter where it shows up, we can conduct a targeted repair and eliminate the issue. If you suspect that you may have dry rot, do not waste your time and money by contacting a handyman, call the experts—call SFW Construction, the dry rot repair pioneers.