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Run My Own Renovation

SFW Construction LLC has become a leading Portland remodeling contractor. If services like Uber, Netflix, and Redfin have leveraged technology to give their customers more choices and flexibility while cutting costs in their industries, why can’t the contracting industry follow suit?

As job costs for almost every Portland remodeling company surge ahead of the national average (and the resale value they add to your house), homeowners all over Multnomah county are looking for different options while searching for kitchen, bathroom, and exterior remodeling contractors. Traditional remodeling bids often have padded margins and hidden installation fees that leave you asking, ‘what am I really paying for.’ At SFW Construction LLC, we’re committed to maintaining quality AND cutting remodeling costs with transparency and cost-saving options.

Busting Open Bids:

  • Labor cost breakdown: Bid labor estimates are based on the expected amount of labor hours to complete your project. Did you know that most contractors bid remodeling work anywhere between $80-$115 an hour per worker? With RMOR, we’re clear about labor costs. Our project supervisors are billed at $75 an hour; our journeyman level carpenters are billed at $65 an hour. It’s that simple.
  • Contractor markup: Did you know that many contractors markup subcontractor work 200-300%?! We’ve vetted the best subcontractors in Portland and mark up their cost 20% to cover communication and management. We give you access to subcontractor invoices, no hidden markups.
  • Material rates: Do you know the markup for materials? It’s not uncommon for remodelers to charge retail cost plus a percentage markup on fixtures, accessories, and materials. At SFW Construction LLC, we markup materials 20% above our discounted contractor rates to cover delivery and coordination. And yes, you’ll have access to those invoices too.
  • Tracking costs: Changes are sometimes inevitable, some contractors make 200% over cost on change orders. At the end of each day on your property, the SFW Construction project supervisor will submit all labor hours, material receipts, and subcontractor invoices to our office. Our office manager then updates you via email with an update of the previous pay’s charges. Real time cost updates, done.

We Know That Our Customers Are Capable.

  • DIY Demo: Accomplishing your projects demolition or paint can cut total cost with a day or two of your own handy work! Many other companies will contractually stop you from handling labor yourself, we welcome.
  • Materials: Want to provide some or all of the project materials yourself? No problem!
  • Accessories: Just like demolition or painting, you might be limited to the details that you can provide and install yourself. Just let us know and we’ll let our team know that the curtain rods and towel bars are on you!

 Like what you’re reading? SFW Construction LLC has become a leading Portland remodeling contractor. Contact us or give us a call to get started on your remodeling project today! We’ll be at the Portland Home and Garden Show all weekend!