Professional Dry Rot and Structural Framing Repair

SFW Construction excels at structural dry rot and framing repair. Our company is widely recognized as THE company to handle dry rot. We believe we have set the standard in our transparent approach to these difficult and discovery-based projects. Maintaining a sound structure is very important, yet many homeowners pass over this for architectural projects. New cabinets, fancy countertops, and European tile are beautiful. But you wouldn’t put an expensive paint job on a car that wouldn’t run. You shouldn’t spend money on expensive finishes for your home until the structure is sound and your envelope is protecting your home from moisture intrusion.

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In construction, the term structure refers to a home or building. Structural framing is essentially the skeleton of your building. This refers to the system of assembling structural elements of a house so that they transfer applied loads of force to the ground safely. It is critical that this is accomplished without surpassing the framing members’ allowable stress limit.


In construction, the term architectural refers to the non-structural finishes and design. The beauty and form of architectural design is what makes a building a house. Having a well-proportioned and engineered structure is the starting point of every home. The architectural design is what brings it to life.

Structural Dry Rot Repair

Structural dry rot repair is a serious issue that should only be performed by a professional contractor that specializes in this specific discipline. When dry rot moves past finishes like siding and trim it begins to affect the building’s sub-structure, becoming a much larger issue. SFW Construction is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractor that specializes in structural dry rot repair. Our company can help through the entire process.

  • Discovering the issues and developing a repair scope
  • Identifying the moisture intrusion point that led to the dry rot
  • Erect temporary shoring to stabilize the structure
  • Draft and design detailed drawings
  • Secure permits and engineering
  • Remove and replace damage framing members to code
  • Pass building inspections and document repairs
  • Put everything back together again

Structural Code Deficiencies

We are often called upon to rectify structural code deficiencies. During a home inspection or seismic upgrades, it is not uncommon to find areas that aren’t built to IBC (international building codes) specifications and standards. Here are some of the most common structural code issues we repair.

  • Deck ledger not properly bolted to structure
  • Joists not properly fastened with a positive placement mechanical connection (hanger)
  • Missing hurricane strapping (H1 & H2.5) for uplift on balcony decks and trusses
  • Missing deck tensioner hardware on balcony decks
  • Improper handrail spacing, height, and overall construction
  • Pressure treated sole plate not anchored to the foundation
  • Bearing points without a direct post path to foundation