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Portland, Oregon saw the rainiest month in nearly 3 years and the rainest month of January since 2006 with 7.39 inches. While we may have adapted to the rain in the Pacific Northwest our houses still need work.

The Rainest January Portland Has Seen In 14 Years!

As the go-to-contractor in Oregon and Washington, we are able to handle just about any water damage or waterproofing service needed. We can tarp off an area for you or perform a targeted repair project using our industry knowledge to perform high-quality repairs with top-grade materials and excellent workmanship. SFW Construction specializes in targeted home repairs so if the rainiest January in Portland damaged your home or you have a leak contact us today!

Portland’s Highest Rain Total In Nearly 3 Years

Being in business since 2005, we often hear from clients who tell us we were the only company that offered a lasting solution and kept the water out of their home. If you have damaged siding or a leak coming from your windows, doors, skylight, chimney, or roof contact a contractor today! Make sure you do your research though because if they don’t follow the steps correctly and flash the area properly you will end up with the same problem, it may even be worse. It’s important you get the problem fixed as soon as possible to reduce the chances of mold entering your home.

Did The Rainiest January In Portland Impact Your House?

If the recent rainstorm damaged your home and you need a targeted leak repair SFW Construction will arrive at your home and conduct some discovery work until they can determine how much damage has been done. Depending on the damage we will discuss repair options with you before conducting a long-lasting targeted repair.

Does Your Home Need A Repair?

SFW Construction Can Help Keep Your Home Dry

SFW Construction is a full-service general contractor with over 14 years of experience conducting targeted home repairs. We’re committed to protecting your home with the best and longest-lasting solution in the Pacific Northwest. After Portland had it’s rainest January in 14 years you may have a leak in your home but don’t be tricked into a full siding, window or roof replacement project if all you need is a repair.

Give SFW Construction a call today to learn more about our process and how we conduct lasting-solutions.