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Enjoy Nature And The Sun From Your Sunroom

A sunroom is also known as a solarium. It may be the cleverest way to enjoy nature’s beauty and the sun’s warmth without leaving your enclosed dwelling. In Latin, the word solarium means “a place of sunlight.” This is why solariums are also referred to as sunrooms. The solarium is an enclosed room constructed of glass. Whichever term you use, the glass is so thick it enables the sunlight to heat the space even in the colder months of winter.

Although solariums can stand alone, they are often built as addendums to an existing house or an enclosure on an existing patio. Since a sunroom is made with a surplus of glass, it must be properly flashed and sealed to prevent leaking. But inevitably, through wear and tear or outright damage, most solariums will eventually leak, at least a little.

We Can Repair Your Leaking Solarium or Sunroom

SFW Construction will fix your leaking sunroom or solarium and restore it to optimal performance in a waterproof state. Wherein you can rest assured and enjoy its benefits. We are a full-scale general contractor with decades of experience in home construction, remodeling, and repair. With 15+ years of experience in weatherproofing homes and fixing leaky windows, we’ve got the training and skill to improve any degree of leakage in your solarium. We can even refurbish or rebuild your solarium if necessary.

Moisture or rain leakage in your sunroom is often caused by deteriorating seals, ineffective flashing, cracked glass panels, or improperly fitting joints. Excessive moisture in your solarium can lead to wood rot if left unattended. In addition to wood rot, it can compromise your structure, cause mold (and related health problems), or inundate and damage your belongings. So, if you notice a leakage issue, it’s best to fix it as soon as possible!

Professional Solarium Repair

SFW Construction addresses your leaking sunroom through any number of time-tested solutions that all lead to the consummate resolution of the issue. First, we examine your window panels to determine the source of the leak – most leaks occur in the seams between the glass panels. Second, we address the leak by inspecting the caulking, the gaskets, flashing, and the windows themselves, including the joints and edges where the windows connect with the window frame.

In addition, we ensure the caulking is continuous and, if not, provide additional top-of-the-line sealant. We check to make sure the flashing directs the water flow away from the central portion of the house away from the solarium. However, flashing is limited with a solarium. Since the roof surface is glass, it is directly exposed to rain and snow. SFW Construction installs high-performance flashing that optimally protects your sunroom as part of our process.

We inspect the overall solarium structure and make sure the construction is adequate. Inspecting includes the junctures of the glass panels and ensuring all components are functioning sufficiently. We make all necessary repairs and, if needed, install up-to-date components, including new glass panels.

A Thing of Beauty

Above all, a solarium is a beautiful place where you can only behold the world’s beauty. That is if the sunroom is in good working order. Due to the number of components, your solarium requires regular upkeep. Call SFW Construction today for a free consultation on repairing your leaking sunroom!

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