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SFW Construction Is A Professional Mold Contractor In Portland, OR

SFW Construction is Portland, Oregon’s top choice for mold contractors. We’ve been a Portland Mold Contractor since 2005. SFW Construction is committed to ensuring the environmental health and wellbeing of our clients. We are one of the only Portland Mold Contractors that offer a complete solution to mold removal, and mold-related issues. Most Portland mold companies are only there to assist for sudden water damage issues, like flooding or plumbing failure. Portland’s wet climate is perfect for fostering exterior mold, and wall cavity mold.

Portland Mold Contractor Services Offered

Emergency Water Pumping and Disaster Services

Being proactive when disaster strikes can save you money. SFW Construction is the Portland mold company homeowner’s trust to address emergency situations.

Determining the Root Cause of Mold Infestation

It’s critical to isolate the root cause that led to the mold infestation. Obviously, floods or pipe bursts are easy to identify as the contributing factor to mold growth. Other moisture intrusion points can be very difficult to source. SFW Construction is the Pacific Northwest expert in moisture control and waterproofing. SFW Construction is the go-to expert for siding, dry rot, and building envelopes, we’ve classified and identified almost every possible location of moisture intrusion point.

Mold Inspection and Air Testing

SFW Construction can professionally inspect the building’s environment to accurately discover the presence and amount of mold spores. We do this by careful examination and sampling the air of the conditioned spaces.

Professional Mold-Safe Containment Systems

At SFW Construction we follow the EPA standard for mold containment and PPE (personal protective equipment). There are two types of containment outlined in the EPA Guidelines.

  • Type 1 is Limited Containment. Limited containment is generally used for areas involving between 10 and 100 square feet of mold contamination.
  • Type 2 in Full Containment. Full containment is used when areas larger than 100 square feet are to be remediated or in cases where it is likely that mold could be spread throughout the building during remediation.

Health-Safe Demolition And Removal

It is important that your mold contractor understands best practices necessary to execute demolition and removal. At SFW Construction we classify this phase as Health-Safe Demolition. The key factors in demolition are environmental health and structural safety. Our client’s environmental wellbeing and safety are paramount to us.

Municipalities and Governmental Agencies have strict rules and guidelines that must be adhered to. Before the demolition even begins it may be necessary to perform lead-paint testing or an asbestos survey. SFW Construction is a certified Lead Abetment Firm and licensed to perform testing, abatement, and lead safe renovations. We also employ an AHERA certified asbestos inspector on our staff. This level of expertise ensures your issues are not compounded by harmful building materials.

SFW Construction are structural framing experts. If there is water damaged or dry rotted framing members affected in the remediation process SFW’s team of journeyman carpenters can make any necessary structural shoring and framing repairs needed during the process. We can also assist in precuring any building permits needed to ensure your project is done right.

Air Moving And Drying Equipment

SFW Construction is a Portland mold contractor that utilizes industry leading air movers and drying equipment. We offer thorough drying and moisture reduction to the affected areas that sustained bulk water exposure. Air movers are used to accelerate the water evaporation process and reduce drying time by increasing air circulation. Air movers are an efficient method with a low power draw. SFW Construction utilizes 3 types of air movers.

CENTRIFUGAL – Centrifugal air movers offer a compact design that work well for spot treatments. They intake air from multiple sources and direct the air flow to a focused location.

AXIAL – Axial blowers move huge amounts of bulk air horizontally across a wide space. These machines are essential to the overall drying of the conditioned space. They also help dry cavities in living space walls.

COMPACT – Compact air movers are quiet, ¼ horsepower machines. They are versatile and can be used in limited space scenarios. They are ideal for corners, under cabinets, closets and hard-to-reach spaces.

Professional Air Scrubbing

Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines are portable filtration systems. By drawing air inside the containment areas and passing it through a series of specially designed filters these powerful machines can remove harmful contaminants and mold spores from your home and be exhausted safely outside. Make sure the Portland mold contractor you hire has the necessary tools and equipment to offer you a final solution to mold infestation.

Solving the Moisture Issue For Good

SFW Construction isn’t just a Portland Mold Company. We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded general contractor. Being the Northwest leader in siding repair and dry rot repair with a superior paint company is a big reason our clients chose SFW Construction.

Having one company that can execute the entire project is how our clients achieve a lasting and final solution to mold. Returning our customers homes to pre-loss conditions gives them a piece of mind while protecting their families and financial investment.

Mold removal experts in Portland and Vancouver

This is where most Portland Mold Contractors exit the project. Many mold removal projects aren’t due to the aftermath of flooding or sudden plumbing catastrophes. Portland, Oregon gets around 43 inches of rain a year. Moisture intrusion can come from:

  • Flashing defects
  • Siding issues
  • Waterproofing errors
  • Roof leaks
  • Crawlspace moisture and ground water
  • Leaking windows, doors, and skylights
  • Failing gutters and downspouts
  • Improper roof and cavity venting