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Portland Siding Contractor Proudly Providing High-Quality Siding Repairs Since 2005.

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SFW Construction Specializes in Portland Siding Repair And Replacement Throughout Multnomah County, Oregon

SFW Construction focuses on quick and precise siding repair in Portland. We are a recognized market leader in Pacific Northwest exterior construction. Performing individual siding repairs is far more challenging than new construction or full siding replacements. New home construction and complete siding replacement projects are blank canvasses. Having a fresh surface makes moisture barrier, waterproofing, and window flashing much easier to install to today’s best practices and standards. With decades of siding repair and siding installation experience in Multnomah County, we’ve become known as The Portland Siding Company to call first for residential and commercial siding projects done right. Our steadfast commitment to elite-quality work and exceptional customer service is what we feel sets us apart from other Portland siding contractors.

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We Are The Portland Siding Repair Contractors Homeowners Trust

Many Portland siding contractors focus primarily on complete siding replacements, we understand that many times a siding repair is all that’s necessary, and we’ve become the undisputed leaders in the siding repair niche. Damaged siding can cause serious problems by creating entry points for moisture. These entry points can lead to water damage and rot that can eventually result in serious and expensive damage to your home. Furthermore, it can seriously weaken the home’s structure. Therefore, it’s critical to hire a qualified and reputable Portland siding repair contractor, to handle your siding repairs.

We are committed to delivering the same high-quality craftsmanship that you might expect from the very best siding contractors providing full siding replacements but in focused and targeted repairs. As Dupont/Tyvek-certified and James Hardie factory-trained siding contractors, you can rest assured that any siding repairs performed by SFW will be up to the very highest standards.

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Why Is Siding Repair Important In Portland?

  • The existing siding is failing prematurely due to improper installation or defective materials.

  • To eliminate leaks that may be damaging the structure of your home, causing mold, fungus, or dry rot.

  • Occupants of the home have respiratory problems related to mold and fungal growth.

  • To update or restore your home.

  • To increase the value of your home.

  • Defective siding prevents you from selling your home.

  • High painting / maintenance costs, due to the current condition of the siding.

Siding Repair

At The Forefront Of Siding Repair Science

While a small percentage of siding repairs are caused by faulty materials, high winds, or some form of external impact damage, most siding repairs are necessary because of moisture intrusion, which is a common problem here in the Pacific Northwest. SFW Construction strives to be at the forefront of waterproofing and moisture prevention building science. Simply removing and replacing damaged or defective siding products are only part of a lasting and meaningful siding repair. It is critical that your siding contractor cares enough, and has the requisite knowledge, to diagnose the causation of the core issue that led to the damage. SFW Construction wants to ensure that the repair lasts for decades and isolating the root cause is the first step in making sure the issue doesn’t reoccur. After locating the moisture intrusion point(s) we will use the best moisture barriers, self-adhesive membranes, elastomeric sealants, and custom fabricated metal flashings to waterproof the repair.

Portland Siding Replacement

If a full siding replacement IS necessary, we are Portland’s go-to siding contractor for that too. Our siding installation crews are among the very best in Oregon. While Oregon homeowners have a wide variety of siding options available to them, SFW Construction recommends and specializes in the installation of premium James Hardie fiber cement siding as well as the always-popular cedar wood siding. Most Oregon homeowners find that one of these options suits their tastes and needs very well. With fiber cement and natural wood making up most of our siding projects, we’ve achieved a very high level of familiarity with them, which means we believe we can install the repair James Hardie and cedar siding like no other Portland siding contractor can. We are also one of the only siding contractors in the Pacific Northwest that is willing and proficient at making vinyl siding repairs. Learn more about siding replacement.

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We Use the Finest Siding Materials Available

A great siding job is more than what you see on the outside of the home. Part of being Portland’s best siding contractor means using the industry’s very best products UNDERNEATH the siding too. We’re proud to say we exclusively use DuPont/Tyvek materials for the critically important weather barriers and flashings, meaning our customers receive the very finest the industry has to offer, as well as DuPont’s all-inclusive warranty. Don’t fall for siding contractors who offer lower prices by cutting costs with lower-quality materials, or by cutting corners in ANY way, for that matter. Your home is too important an investment!

What About Painting, Staining, And Coating?

We’re glad you asked! Why not make this easy and allow our professional painting department, SFW Painting, to put the finishing touches on your siding project? Our carpenters will use pre-primed siding material during the siding repair process. As a matter of fact, they will prime all the cut edges during the installation. This is a critical step (often omitted by other siding companies) that ensures every surface of your siding and trim is sealed against the elements. Upon completion of the siding repair or siding installation, our painters can execute any exterior coating to perfection.

Are You Ready To Discuss Your Portland Siding Repair Project?

Our team is standing by and ready to go over the entire siding repair process with you! We will set up a detailed walk-through with one of our siding experts at your convenience so you can discuss what the project entails and have a good understanding of all that’s involved. When you feel comfortable with the planned course of action, we will schedule a work date that works within your schedule. We will coordinate the siding project from start to finish; through the demo, the dry rot inspection, installation of the weather-resistant barrier (WRB), and finally, the installation of your exterior finishes. We’ll be as accommodating as possible and keep you informed, from start to finish. We want your experience with SFW Construction to be nothing but positive!

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