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Water Intrusion And Structural Repairs

Broken Tree Limb Crushes This Portland Home in Major Storm

Roof Rebuild


LOCATION: Portland, Oregon
TYPE OF REPAIRS: Window Leak Repair, Flat Roof Repair, Targeted Siding Repair, Dry Rot, Roof Repair, and Exterior Painting

When major wind damage caused by an “atmospheric river” storm brought an old Ash tree down in the historic neighborhood of Marylhurst in Portland, SFW Construction—who was already scheduled to come out and perform some targeted siding repairs, moved up the timeframe and started immediately by assessing the damage, tarping the leaks, and developing a plan to repair the damage from the storm. Most of the roof, window, and siding damage was on the South/Southwest side of the home. It was so extensive that we were forced to rebuild the southern and western walls from the studs and sheathing to the weather-resistant barrier and window flashing to the new siding installed on the entire south side and partial west side of the home.


The Problem

During the first week of June in 2020, Jill contacted SFW Construction because she was having issues with the siding of her home located near Laurelhurst Park in Portland. She explained the issue and wanted to have someone examine and fix the siding damage. We met with Jill at her home, conducted some discovery work on the damaged area, and informed her that the repair was minor. 

The Solution

We started by removing the damaged lap siding and replaced it with new Hardie board materials. Next, we resecured cedar shake siding on the gable end, repaired the barge rafter to the left of the driveway, secured the existing soffit, and replaced any degraded pieces. After that, we replaced the barge rafter on top of the garage before discovering the roof sheathing had dry rot. Last we removed the dry rot and repaired the roof on the garage. All the damaged siding was replaced with new materials, prepped, and painted to match her existing siding.


“SFW Construction exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of work and communication. One of my favorite parts about working with them is, they did not cut corners.”

“Thank you for all your hard work!”

Jill P., Portland, OR

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“I appreciated working with SFW Construction because they were competent, professional, and forthright about how things should be done. What impressed me the most was the way SFW Construction worked across all departments, their ability to document and communicate everything that was going on throughout the whole siding repair process. They even took it one step further and took pictures throughout the repair showcasing the improvements that were made.” — Jill P.


The Problem

It was great to see Jill happy with our work after completing her first project. So, it was unfortunate that two days after completing the siding repairs we got a call from her telling us a large branch from an ash tree fell on the right side of her house. Due to the extensive structural damage, it required her to inquire about getting a structural damage repair. In many cases, most people would panic, but once Jill knew we were coming back out to repair her project she had no doubt in her mind after the first experience that we could get the job done! With all the damage that occurred from the tree, we were the best contractor for her, as we are a “one-stop-shop,” especially when it comes to difficult repair jobs.

The tree branch took out a substantial section of the flat roof porch and the upper balcony. Since this Portland historical house was built in 1911, all of the framing and structural support systems had to be built to current industry standards—while maintaining the look and feel of a turn-of-the-century Portland home. We demoed all of the damaged areas until we got to the point that we could begin to rebuild the structure. During the rebuild, we needed to pay close attention to the architectural design of the house;  Jill made it clear that they did not want her home to change in any way.

The Solution

We started with the flat roof porch framing new rafters, sheathing, and the support structure of the flat roof porch/balcony. The upper balcony was rebuilt entirely and included a new composite deck. We were able to reuse the original turn posts at the front of the balcony, which helped with maintaining the architectural design. After we finished installing all-new waterproofing materials and flashing, roofed the lower and upper balcony roofs, and installed new Hardie board siding and gutters, the house was constructed better than the day it was originally built and to current industry standards. Jill and her husband were excited to have the structural damage repair done. They were impressed with the workmanship and the timely fashion in which we completed the job.

The structural repair provided Jill and her husband a solution for the damage caused by the tree fall and brought their home to modern industry building standards. We are grateful for this experience and glad Jill and her husband are happy with the repair. It was a joy working with Jill and building a relationship with her and her husband. This is why we are in the contracting business, we work to keep your house safe, help you with all your repair needs, and provide you with excellent customer service.






“Our house is a craftsman style house built in 1911. Its unique properties require special skill sets whenever being repaired. After the siding repair project was completed, which SFW Construction did a wonderful job on, we had an unfortunate event take place a few days later. A large tree limb fell on our house and caused substantial damage to a house that is over 100 years old. Seeing the urgency of my project SFW Construction was able to start the job almost immediately, while still providing excellent work.

The supervisor was exceptional, great with communication, positive, and the quality of work was outstanding. We were thankful they provided all of the information needed on time because I think that our job was one that not just anyone could do, especially because of the vast skill set is required. SFW Construction’s versatility is on display throughout this project; one example, in particular, is when they took a balcony off and rebuilt it to match what was there previously, including the materials and paint. When things were too damaged or unable to repair, they matched it with something new and that is something we were impressed with. They are lead paint renovation certified and safe in all of their practices. We are so happy SFW Construction was able to keep the pieces of our 109-year-old house intact!” — Jill P.

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