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New Window And Door Installations Increase Value And Efficiency

Its summertime in the northwest—the few nice and dry months we get to enjoy. It’s also the perfect season to complete your home repairs before the cold and rainy pacific northwest weather returns. In the wintertime, we tend to receive a large number of emergency water leak repairs. Therefore, it’s challenging to do other home repairs, especially new window and door installations. Waiting can result in high emergency rates and a lack of options when ordering materials due to product wait times. So, get your repairs done now and save yourself from high repair bills and stressful—rushed decisions.

Energy Loss

Summertime is the perfect time to get your home’s windows and doors repaired, replaced, or upgraded. With the hotter weather, you might be seeing your energy bill rising. Upgrading to some high-efficiency windows will help lower that cost—whether you are heating or cooling your home. Often, when we inspect windows and doors, we determine that they are in good shape, but are leaking because of poor flashing. Repairing or installing new flashing may be all you need. The good news here is that it’s a lot less expensive to do that, and you will also receive the energy benefits.

Perfect Time To Install New Windows And Doors

It’s easy to remove and install new windows and doors in your home with the dry weather without worrying about the rain getting into your home during the installation. You have time to think and decide on a brand and style, and you are not rushed into a repair due to water leaks like can happen during the winter months. Window and door manufacturers know this, too, and tend to carry more extensive inventories in the Summer months.

Prepare For Northwest Rains Which Are Just Around The Corner

You can enter the cold and rainy three-fourths of the year worry-free, knowing that your windows and doors are watertight and ready to withstand the winter weather. Just last year, we received record rainfall amounts in the Pacific Northwest which led to many emergency calls and temporary repairs. To avoid this we recommend having your windows and doors inspected soon.

Why SFW Construction?

At SFW Construction, we can help you decide what style and type of window or door will meet your expectations and order and install the products for you. We always install your windows and doors to above industry standards, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy your new investment for years to come. What sets us apart from the others is the attention we pay the area where your windows and doors meet your home. This area is commonly referred to as your home’s weather-resistant barrier. The flashing work performed here is critical and must be done right, or your windows will leak, and the frames will rot over time. As your local, trusted contractor, window repairs are one of the home repairs you shouldn’t attempt on your own.

Not Interested In New Windows Or Doors?

If you are happy with your current windows and doors, it’s still a great time to take care of any installation problems or leak repair. SFW Construction can come to your home to conduct a leak test on your home and repair any issues. Just call us to set up a time.

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