Portland Roof Repairs

In the coming months, the rains are going to pick up around the Portland area. If there is one thing you can count on in the Pacific Northwest it is moisture. That being said, there are going be some folks that will make the unpleasant discovery of a roof leak. Left unchecked roof leaks can do serious damage to your home. That’s why SFW Construction specializes in Portland roof repairs. Here are some of the most damaging effects of a leaking roof.

  • Compromises entire roof system
  • Promotes rot in the structural sheathing and framing
  • Contributes to mold growth in your attic space
  • Dampens roof insulation affecting R-value
  • Damages drywall and paint finishes
  • Hazard to electrical fixtures (especially recessed can lighting)

Often times these symptoms go unnoticed for quite some time. You might have leaks occurring that you don’t even know about. If you’ve noticed darkened or dampened drywall or bubbling paint on your ceiling, especially after it rains, more than likely your roof is leaking and you’re in need of a roof repair. At SFW Construction we perform high-quality Portland roof repairs on a regular basis. We are a certified GAF Master Elite® roofing contractor. This is a distinction awarded to a handful of dedicated craftsmen in the Portland area.

There are a number of reasons that roofs may be leaking and we’ve seen and repaired them all. Here are some of the most common areas and reasons for roof leaks.

  1. Sky lights (specifically the curb area)
  2. Chimneys and the flashing involved in the chimney area
  3. Valleys – where two roofs come together
  4. Roof penetrations – pipes and vents
  5. Roofing defects – construction defects
  6. Roof to wall and step flashing locations – where roofs and walls meet

Here is what really sets SFW Construction apart from the competition. We are a licensed, insured, and local General Contractor. So not only can we execute your roof repair we have the staff and equipment to fix any damage to your home. Most roofing companies don’t employ carpenters and remodelers, but we do. And this is the scary part, some of these companies will cover up rot, failing structure, and mold just to get the job done. Make sure your contractor takes the steps to solve all your issues. If they show up with a ladder and a tube of caulking odds are you need to follow through and really understand what steps they took to repair your roof. Ask them to explain the process. Ask them to provide you with photos of the repair and affected areas. We believe your contractor is responsible to inform you if other repairs are necessary.