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Deck Staining For Beauty and Longevity

For the money, there are very few things you can do that will add value and aesthetics to your home, like staining your deck.  When done right, deck stain will not only protect your investment from the elements but will also make your deck a popular topic of discussion for its sheer beauty. Just check out these examples!

The Secret To Professional Deck Staining

So how do we get our deck projects to look this good? Great question! It all begins with properly cleaning the surface. First, we start with a walkthrough; if your deck needs any repairs or replacements, we discuss that with you. Then we cut no corners in pressure-washing all of the old dirt and grime off the top, so when the staining process begins, the wood can absorb all of that staining goodness. As you may know, the pressure-washing process isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when it comes to wood. Do it improperly, and you’ll not only strip the old stain or paint, but you’ll gouge the wood, leaving unsightly imperfections. We use our years of experience to prepare your deck adequately while taking great care to avoid causing any damage. Once the surface is cleaned correctly, we use only top-quality staining products that produce that deep, vibrant color and beautiful sheen you expect with a newly-stained wood deck! If your deck could use a face-lift or you just want to ensure that it provides enjoyment for many more years to come, contact Portland, Oregon’s deck experts: SFW Construction, LLC.